Mongoose Legion Mag Boy’s BMX Bike Review


Mongoose is one of the top BMX brands in the US today.  Founded in 1974, the company has been pushing the boundaries of the sport since it started, and the Mongoose Legion Mag is truly one of the best BMX bikes for boys we’ve seen this year.  It’s durable, park ready, and incredibly lightweight, making it suitable for all of your BMXing needs.  Considering purchasing it?  Read on for more information.


  • Steel BMX frame and fork
  • Cast aluminum 20 inch wheels
  • Sealed bearings
  • Rear u-brakes and alloy caliper brake
  • Cable Detangler, which allows for 360o handlebar spins
  • Color: orange
  • Comes with a kickstand and chain guard
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Pros and Cons of the Mongoose Legion Mag

At first glance, the Mongoose Legion Mag is a good looking bike.  The orange frame is striking, even from a distance, and the cast aluminum wheels give the bike a unique, rad look. It’s pretty easy to put together, and most users found it took a couple of hours to do so.  However, most found that the brakes needed some adjustment before riding.

Once assembled, you’ll notice how lightweight the bike is.  That said, it is strong and sturdy and capable of handling almost everything you throw at it.  Performing tricks can be done with ease. The cable detangler allows for 360o handlebar spins, while the 4 freestyle pegs offer unlimited trick potential.  The caliper and rear u-brakes ensure secure stopping.

The reviews of the Mongoose Legion Mag are overwhelmingly positive, with most boys saying that they loved the bike, and most parents being happy with the affordable price tag.  Negative reviews mostly consist of difficulties in putting the bike together and missing parts in the box.  The former problem can be solved by taking it to a bike shop, and the manufacturer has been quick to send out additional parts to those who need them.  In addition, if later problems occur with the bike, these can be easily troubleshot on the Mongoose website.

Final Thoughts

The Mongoose Legion Mag is a fantastic bike, available for an affordable price.  At the time of writing, it’s listed at just under $175 on  At this price, it’s a great starter bike for beginners to BMXing.  However, it’s also suitable for boys who have outgrown their current BMX and need an upgrade.  The brakes ensure secure stops, the frame is lightweight, the style is rad, and the freestyle pegs also provide unlimited trick potential.  The Mongoose Legion Mag is a fantastic bike, and one of the best offerings from Mongoose this year for boys!