Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review: Is It Worth the Money?


If you are looking for a quality paintball gun, you have come to the right place. Empire is a brand which is famous for their quality products. They develop some of the most reliable and durable markers there are. When you become passionate about a new sport like paintball, you know you have to invest a bit more in the beginning in order to evolve.

Many paintball experts argue that there are no greater paintball guns than the Empire Paintball Axe Marker. This paintball gun is easy to use, being suitable for beginners. Experts indicate that this gun is very accurate, being considered one of the most rigorous ones. The Axe will help you eliminate players from the game at great distances. One of the greatest advantages when it comes to this gun is that it is really easier to clean compared to other models. The characteristics of the push button latch removal allow you to quickly clean the gun. Hence, you diminish maintenance time. Furthermore, this paintball axe marker also features a fire selection trigger. In this way, you will be able to better control the firing rate. Visit this website to learn more about the paintball guns and how to choose one to rely on its characteristics.


This paintball gun is very reliable, promising not to disappoint you during your paintball game. It is developed from high-grade aluminum. The gun has less mobile parts than most paintball guns, featuring a simple design. This brand is famous for choosing this style, proving to be an excellent paintball gun maker.


The Empire Paintball Axe Marker needs less air to push the bolt compared to other paintball guns. This function makes it very efficient. Furthermore, the fire selector trigger helps the player obtain a greater efficiency from the gun. You would be able to boost your accuracy, giving you the chance to choose the appropriate firing mode according to your gameplay. Experienced players argue that many similar guns fail to offer better control.


Besides the fact that it is lightweight, this gun is also very quiet. It uses a lot less air to move the trigger. Many paintball guns can give you away since players can hear them across the field. However, this is not the case for the Empire Paintball Axe Marker. You can barely hear it up close. Therefore, you will have another advantage, being able to eliminate your enemies without giving their whole team a heads up. This silent gun is a total game changer, improving your gameplay.


Since it is made of high-grade aluminum, the gun is lightweight. Those who have already tried it argue that it weighs about 3 pounds. Hence, this is one of its greatest features, allowing players to carry the paintball gun for many hours without slowing them down. If you have already scheduled to play paintball with your squad the whole day, then you will love this lightweight gun. It will help you carry a lot more supplies and paintballs. Therefore, you will have more influence on the battlefield.


This brand offers you a warranty of only 30 days in case you want to change your mind and you want to return the gun. However, if you think about it, this is enough for you to find out whether you like it or not. In case the paintball gun has some defects, you will surely notice them during the warranty time. Do not worry when purchasing this paintball gun since you will have so many advantages that you will be less likely to return it.

Since the game of paintball is always changing, several brands emerge on the market, producing numerous types of guns. Therefore, new paintball players may be confused when entering the game. However, this gun makes an incredible job when taking it out on the field. You can definitely become better at this game than most of your teammates.

All you have to do is make sure you choose this quality product. You will not only be satisfied due to its weight, safety, and reliability, but also the incredible design. Its efficiency will certainly make a difference when you compare it with other guns. In case you are not satisfied, you can return it due to its 30-days warranty. This paintball gun is likely to help you make the switch from beginner level to pro.