4 of the Most Dangerous Mountain Biking Trails in the World


Being an extreme sport, mountain biking is inherently dangerous, but just in case you have gone through all your local trails enough times to neutralize that thrill you are supposed to feel while mountain biking, here’s a list that you will definitely like. Each one of the four trails mentioned here is guaranteed to make you feel that old sensation of thrill mixed with fear because it doesn’t get more extreme than this for mountain bikers.

Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada (USA)

All the mountain biking trails here require a lot of experience to even consider and if you are planning to take on any of the downhill trails, beware of the drops and the steep sections, which are likely to cause at least serious damage to riders, if not worse.

Comfortably Numb in Whistler, British Columbia (Canada)

Sharing its name with the classic Pink Floyd song, there’s nothing comfortable about the Comfortably Numb mountain biking trail in Whistler, British Columbia. It is one of those long tracks that will test your physical fitness and unless you are in peak condition, it isn’t recommended that you try it out. Also, this trail is not for novices or even intermediate-level riders, as it’s an extremely technical trail that’s full of rocks, roots, steep descents, tough climbs and other obstacles that could potentially endanger even seasoned riders. When there’s a sign right outside a trail that says “use at own risk,” you know you are in for some tough adventuring.

Pasubio in Vicenza (Italy)

The next track on this list takes us back to Northern Italy, where the very popular Nalini Cycle Clothing company founded by famous Italian cyclist Vincenzo Mantovani, still manufactures custom team cycling jerseys for riders all around the world. This trail was originally an old road from an era gone by, but it has since been transformed into a gorgeous but deadly trail for mountain bikers. Aside from the drop dead gorgeous vistas that accompany riders and hikers, the famous tunnels of the Pasubio are also one of the chief attractions. Don’t let all that beauty distract you though because you are almost always one mistake away from a disastrous accident.

Yungas Road in Bolivia

It just doesn’t get more dangerous than the Yungas Road in Bolivia and if you are not careful, then your name will also appear on the long list of cyclists who have lost their lives while trying to conquer “The Death Road.” Full of dangerous turns and lacking any safety barriers whatsoever, the dirt road is downright impossible to navigate with a bike when it’s raining, unless you don’t mind a 490m fall!

If there’s a trail on this list that you have not tried yet, it’s time to gather up your team and explore it on your bikes, but do remember to be extra careful. Mountain biking is all about taking risks, but do not ever cross that fine line between taking calculated risks and becoming reckless because there’s a lot at stake here.