Diego Rosman: Why I Became a Climbing Photographer


Rock climbing – most people would associate it with danger, fear, adrenaline and outright foolishness. To the climbers, it hosts a vast array of experiences, physical challenges, spiritual journeys and good times spent with good friends. Rock climbing changed my life 6 years ago, making a quick shift between naive discovery and complete addiction. I have dedicated the past year documenting some of the most passionate and talented Israeli climbers who have been pushing their boundaries and inspiring others to do the same.

Climbing photography comes with its unique experiences and a dose of excitement and exposure. Hanging from a rope midair, a climbing photographer has to wait and calculate the precise moments for the right photo. In addition, lighting, position, and photo retouching services are also essential to turn the vision into reality. The unique blend of different factors in climbing photography sometimes leads to failed attempts at realizing this vision, but just as often leads to new visions being realized at the moment, as the climber is moving on the other side of the lens.

For the most part, this project has been a journey of learning, discovery, and realization, but at the same time, looking back, the shared experiences between climbers, the incredible social vibe at the crag and strong connection with nature all seem to have been just as significant.

You can see some of my photos below, and also find information about each climber here: http://www.diegorosman.com/the-climbers/.