The Best Paintball Guns 2018


What makes a paintball gun qualify as being one of the best on the current market? That’s a tricky question as it depends so much on a player’s needs, playing style, and level of experience, so this list covers the top marker guns around designed for both beginners to pros. This list consists of some of my favorites, also only guns with consistently good reviews and worthy sales figures have been included and they are covered here in no particular order.

1. Tippmann Cronus

Great for beginner or even intermediate players, this good looking tactical basic marker gun from a well respected company retails at around $100. It’s accurate, and made to last, and is able to take cool accessories such as lights or red-dot sights.

2. Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

One for the serious players with a healthy wallet, at around $1500 this is a cutting edge marker gun for scenario and tactical paintball players. It allows the user to switch between auto and semi firing mode in the blink of an eye, but you can customize it to suit the way you want to fire too, providing an enviable edge to your game tactics. To top it all it’s lightweight, so won’t interfere with your playing, or winning!

3. Dye Proto Rise MaXXed

At around $260 this is a top class paintball gun at a very reasonable price point. It sports lots of patented special features within both the frame and the operating system, and special sticky grips which offer the ultimate in comfort. This would make a great step-up gun for a keen player who enjoys fast action play.

4. Empire Axe

A high-end paintball marker for a reasonable $350, this is a great investment for competitive players. It’s designed for easy maintenance, is very comfortable to drip, and offers players multiple firing modes so it’s good to go with any version of paintball you want to play. A sound gun to upgrade to when you have at least intermediate skills.

5. Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

An amazing bargain at $150 this marker gun may be small and light but it packs plenty of punch with its excellent electronic trigger system. It’s a good choice for both beginners and experienced players, and especially great for indoor paintball games.

6. Spyder MR100

$100 will buy you this very nice military style paintball gun with an extended length barrel which is well suited to scenario and woodsball games. You can expect an impressive 1500-1600 shots for every Co2 (20 oz) tank, roughly double what this gun’s closest competitors can manage.

7. Tippmann X7 Phenom

Leading the higher end paintball markers this year, this lightweight and customizable gun will set you back between $300-350 but it’s very worth it. It’s very accurate with a decent range has a feature which allows a player to keep playing even if the battery dies, and offers enough upgrades and accessories to make it a keeper.

Hope you have a better idea of which gun your next purchase could be. For more in depth articles and analysis about guns and paintball in general make sure to visit best paintball gun review.