Tips on Selecting a Paddleboard


If you’re planning to go in for a paddleboard, there are mainly two main kinds of boards available. These are Solid SUPs and Inflatable SUPs. Given below are a few of the benefits of choosing either type of paddleboard.

Solid SUPs: As a norm, solid boards have a foam core that’s encased in epoxy and fiberglass. They are affordable in price, very durable, and lightweight. If you’re looking for something more high-tech, carbon fiber boards are available, but of course, they are more expensive. Alternatively, there are plastic SUPs in the market, but they fall short performance-wise in comparison to other materials and are heavy. Those looking for something artistic and fanciful can choose from SUPs made from light wood. SUP Boards Review can help you select the best SUP.

Reasons to opt for an inflatable SUP rider:

Inflatable SUPs are made using drop stitch construction with an air core and manufactured from PVC. Also, they include a pump and storage bag. A top quality inflatable SUP inflates up to 12-15 psi and becomes rigid after inflation.

Great for travel: If you plan to take a vacation, then carrying along an inflatable SUP would be a great idea. It can easily be transported on a flight (as checked-in baggage) or any vehicle. Most inflatable storage bags come with straps to carry them easily.

Plan to spend time near outdoors: If you’re outdoors in an area with a river or lake, an inflatable SUP is an ideal choice because it’s easier to transport than a cumbersome solid SUP.

Limited space: If you’re staying in a condo or a small house with space at a premium, an inflatable SUP is ideal as when it’s deflated, it occupies little storage space. It comfortably fits in the trunk of a vehicle or a closet.

White water rafting: Similar to an inflatable raft or kayak, an inflatable SUP handles bumps better against rocky surfaces.

Ideal for SUP yoga: If you plan to do SUP yoga, an inflatable SUP is a far better option and more comfortable for yoga poses than a solid board SUP.

Reasons to invest in a solid SUP:

Look for performance: In terms of performance, solid boards are in a class of their own. They are smoother, move more swiftly through the water, and take less effort. If distance and speed are important, then a solid SUP should be your choice.

Better stability: Because solid boards are a bit more rigid than inflatable boards, these offer better stability when riding big waves. Since they have a tendency to ride lower in the water, it provides better stability.

Many sizes: An added benefit of buying a solid SUP is they are available in different sizes and shapes relative to inflatable SUPs. That makes it easier to find the right fit.

Have storage space: When you plan to buy a solid SUP, ensure that you have ample storage space, both in your vehicle and at home. These do occupy quite a lot of space.