These Motocross Tracks Are the Best Examples of Why Motocross Is Labeled an Extreme Sport


Anyone into motocross knows from the very get-go that this is not a sport for the faint at heart. It’s a dirt bike event that takes the rider over rugged trails and tracks which are anything but smooth. And, at the speeds at which they are traveling, one small mishap can send the rider spiraling in the air for a nasty landing. That said, even though they are among the most challenging in the world, they are in the most demand. Not everyone can compete in motocross at the following tracks! Let’s take a brief look at the gnarliest features of each. But before you continue on reading, I want to share with you some tips on how to customise your own dirt bike graphics to get the design you are looking for before the event.

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1. Unadilla in Upstate New York

If ever you wanted to invest in high end motocross helmets, it is suggested that you do so prior to visiting Unadilla Motocross in believe it or not, Unadilla New York. Here riders will drop into the Gravity Cavity before being propelled at least 100 feet into the air. Those who can’t hit that landing upright are in real need of that super safety rated motocross helmet. (And, that is just about everyone!)

2. Red Bud Moto in Michigan

The Red Bud Moto in Michigan is traditionally held on the 4th of July and the winner is the rider who is able to handle Lorocco’s Leap. This triple step up leap is world famous and one of the gnarly reasons gnarly motocross riders love this gnarly course. Is that a lot of gnarlies? That’s quite alright because there is a lot of gnarly going on here.

3. Glen Helen in SoCal

Southern California has its fair share of sand pits ideal for rugged motocross biking, but the Glen Helen course in So Cal takes the lead in terms of demand. Called Glen Helen, the name is a takeoff on Mt. Saint Helens, that famous volcano in Oregon which erupted in May of 1980. With a 200 foot climb, the ride back down with plenty of braking has sent many a biker to their knees. Don’t attempt this motocross track without those motocross knee guards!

4. Southwick in Massachusetts

This particular moto takes a HUGE amount of leg strength because it is a sand track and will always be ‘the’ sand track of motocross. Since we are looking at gnarly features, it would be the sand here and without the speed, strength and agility riders need, there is no way in Hades anyone could handle the sand.

So, there you have four of the leading Motocross races in the United States along with the features that make them the top races in the sport. It takes strength, speed and endurance along with some of the best safety gear money can buy but it’s well worth everything you put into it. Looking for a thrill this summer? Attend a motocross event or participate if you’re up to the challenge. It’s an extreme sport and being a spectator at even a single event will set you up for the thrill of your life.