How to Take Your Hockey Game to the Next Level


People around the world love playing ice hockey. The roughness, fast-paced nature, and physical capabilities required make it a thrilling game.

The hockey world is filled with amazing athletes, making the competition very fierce. As a hockey player, you might find yourself wanting to take your game to the next level.

Whether you want to move to a more advanced league or just improve for yourself, consider the following tips.

Champions Are Made in the Off-Season

When the off-season comes around, many athletes find themselves slacking off. They relish in the fact that there’s no games or practices and, quite frankly, get lazy. When the season starts up again, they might find themselves tiring easily and performing poorly in drills.

Hockey is a very physically demanding game that requires players to be in good shape. You should find time in the off-season to work out so that you stay fit for the regular season. There are plenty of workouts online that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You can even ask your coach for a training plan if you need more guidance. Some specific things you should work on include:

  • Speed. Exercises such as jumping and sprinting can work on your speed, allowing you to get to the puck as fast as possible.
  • Strength. Building your strength with heavy weights and low reps will allow you to use quick movements and explode across the ice.
  • Flexibility. Working on your flexibility makes it that much easier to accurately complete motions and prevent injury.
  • Stamina. Do interval training to mimic the short bursts of energy and recovery periods that hockey entails.
  • Body coordination. Making sure your body can multi-task is essential in a hockey game.

You should also make time to practice drills. Hitting the local rink with your teammates can help you refine your skills.

If you are serious about furthering your career in hockey, consider building a rink at your home. Companies such as Kwik Rink Synthetic Ice install residential ice rinks that amateur and professional players alike take advantage of.

Put in the Work Outside of Practice

When the regular season comes around, scheduled practices and games might seem like enough. If you really want to get better, push yourself further. Take the initiative to condition and work on your skills outside of practice. By putting in the extra work, you will notice drastic improvement. If you’re looking for a truly unique look that rivals what the pros use, Artik’s custom hockey uniforms are for your team.

Play the Mental Game

In most sports, you can greatly improve your game through mental skills. Hockey is no different. Some important points to keep in mind include:

  • Stay focused. Understand that you have control over your own performance. You can’t control what other players are doing, so remain focused on what you can do.
  • Keep your calm. Things aren’t always going to go your way. Maintaining a positive attitude can boost morale and help you and your team prevail.
  • Be confident. Easier said than done. But remember that you have worked hard to get to where you are and you have the ability to play the best you can.

Stay Competitive and Seek Out Guidance

As you find yourself improving, make sure to stay competitive. You won’t improve by playing against those who are below or even at your level. Challenge yourself by competing against those who are better you. Look up to more experienced players and see what you can learn from them.

You should also try to find a good mentor. Make sure your coach is someone who is knowledgeable and wants to help you improve. Surrounding yourself with the right people can be the key to improving your hockey game.