The Intersection of Extreme Sports and Fashion


If you walk into a modern office, you’ll see more than just the typical suits and ties you’re expecting. More and more people have taken a liking to athletic apparel, and they’re wearing it outside the gym. Many are even wearing it to the workplace.

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Extreme sports have influenced today’s top styles, with designers like Louis Vuitton offering attractive, if pricey, versions of rugged mountain climbing gear. Here’s how the two worlds intersect, and how they impact the clothing hanging in your closet and how are you mixing it up with your workwear for efficiency and comfort are revealed.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure got its start when elite athletes began sporting their duds outside the arena. That type of clothing features high-tech fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin, reducing odor even post-workout. More than that, the original gear married form and function, with comfort as the highest priority.

The fashion world took note and put their spin on things like oversized ski jackets and leggings. As they focused more on the style aspect, some of the functionality was lost. Today’s apparel might not keep you toasty atop Mt. Everest, but it will certainly make you look stunning in the streets. Groenerekenkamer also has a guide for men on how they should wear shorts outside.

Today’s styles look much different than the slouchy sweats of yesterday. Today, they hug your curves and show off that toned form you spend hours in the gym to achieve.

The Luxury Sneaker

Probably the fashion world’s proverbial first date in their relationship with the sports world – the Nike Air Force Ones now appear on runways all over the world. Brands like Under Armour outfit the NFL and everyday people alike.

That said, the best styles will definitely set you back. A pair of Air Jordan III OGs cost well over $4,000, putting them among the world’s most expensive athletic shoes. For this price, you won’t be wearing these for that pickup basketball game at the park unless you’re banking seven figures a year.

Elevating the Shoe Game

Sneakers aren’t the only style of shoe taking tips from extreme sports. Rugged boots inspired by mountain hikers and rock climbers now sweep the main stage.

These boots marry high-quality construction with comfort, making them excellent for everyday wear. Walking to work? Want to stay stylish while traveling? Athletic-inspired boots are perfect in the cooler months.

Bike Shorts Aren’t Just for Riders

Whether you’re a biker or an Instagram influencer, cargo shorts like the ones from Unionbay are a popular piece of apparel. Many feature padding in the rear, helping men and women alike achieve that lifted, shapely look without the work. When paired with a blouse and some stylish flats, they transition seamlessly from spin class to coffee with friends.

Jerseys Get an Upgrade

Who doesn’t love showing their team pride? You don’t have to reserve your athletic jersey for the stadium anymore. Layer your jersey over a tank and tie it crop-top style for a great look. Or, tuck it into a pair of sleek capris for a sleek, not sloppy, aesthetic.

Swimsuits Outside the Pool?

With a bit of accessorizing and ample dry-off time, you can go from the pool to the mall and still look elegant.

Top an awesome swimsuit like Tummy Control Swimsuit with a maxi skirt and a pair of low-heeled sandals. Add a scarf or some jewelry to complete the look or add a cropped jacket on chilly days. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry items, you may want to see this website for more jewelry options.

Leggings, Leggings Everywhere

Turn on the TV or scroll through social media and you’ll see ads for leggings everywhere. Leggings offer maximum comfort, and even look acceptable as office wear when layered under a skirt or oversized top.

Leggings hug curves in all shapes and sizes, but the comfort isn’t just for women anymore. Men are breaking the stigma of wearing leggings at the gym, even without shorts. We’ll see if they start sporting them to the workplace!

Accessories Reign Supreme

The key to making athleisure work for everyday wear? Accessories. Whether or not you drop over $1,500 on a Louis Vuitton climbing bag or add some jewelry from your collection, the key to a pulled-together look is in the details. Scarves and stylish watches elevate casual attire to workplace-friendly, at least on dress-down Fridays. If you are searching for that trendy prom style, check out these cheap prom dresses from top designers.

Sports Plus Fashion Equals Comfort and Style

The best part about the merger between the fashion and extreme sports world is the comfort it offers. Whether you’re rushing from the gym to the store or want a casual, yet put-together, look, you’ll feel amazing rocking the looks above.