The Equipment Every Extreme Camper Needs


Extreme camping is an elevated experience that’s ideal for the ultimate thrill-seekers. More than setting up your tent and communing with nature, this type of activity entails climbing considerable heights and sleeping in risky places, for instance, at the edge of a cliff.

If the idea of spending time hanging on a precipice excites you, you should make sure that you have the skills and knowledge to complete this venture in one piece. Moreover, invest in the necessary gear and equipment to ensure your safety.

Here are the things that all extreme campers should have:

  1. Portable Chair

Often, getting to your campsite entails a thousand steps. That’s why one top extreme camping gear you should have is a portable chair. The primary feature of this furniture is that you can fold it up effortlessly.

Portable chairs are lightweight, so you can bring it with you to your destination no matter how far it may be. This gear is also versatile and has a variety of uses – from being a makeshift table or countertop to a place where you can hang your clothes to dry.

Investing in high-quality camping gear can leave a dent on your wallet. Fortunately, you can check out these CLIQ chair discounts to find the best deals.

  1. Tent

Whether you want to sleep in a hanging tent at the edge of a cliff or suspended between trees, you’ll need a tent to serve as your temporary home. One factor you should consider when purchasing this gear is the size.

For extreme campers, you may want to buy a tent that’s good for three persons. This way, whether you’re going camping alone or with your significant other, you have enough space to store your belongings.

Find lightweight equipment that’s made from durable materials to ensure that it can withstand the natural elements that it’ll be exposed to. Moreover, if you’ll be camping in areas near your hometown, determine the climate and seasons. After that, look for tents that are specially made for those weather conditions.

Aside from tents, you should also bring a sleeping bag and pads. Typically, these gears are suitable for one person only. As an additional tip, check for insulating features and ensure that they’re made of lightweight materials.

  1. Camping Knife

One of the most important extreme camping gears that you should have is a knife. However, not any cutting apparatus will do. If you’re going into the wild, you should invest in a camping knife.

As with any other camping equipment, a specialized knife is made out of durable yet lightweight materials, like titanium and carbon or stainless steel. Titanium and stainless steel knives are corrosion-resistant, so they’re the ideal choices if you’re going near the ocean.

Another factor to consider when looking for camping knives is the handle. Wood, plastic, and rubber are the typical materials used for creating knife handles. A crucial thing to remember is to purchase textured grips if your hands are prone to sweating to avoid accidents.

These are the common uses of a camping knife:

  • Split Wood – Temperatures can drop at night when you’re in the forest, so it’s essential to have a fire burning in your campsite. You can use a camping knife to cut firewood and add kindling to your campfire.
  • Prepare Food – The most apparent function of a camping knife is to help you slice open your food and cut meat. You can also use the gear to peel fruits and vegetables that you find nearby.
  • Protect Yourself – A camping knife can also be a tool for self-defense in case you end up being cornered by malicious-minded campers or wild animals.
  • Cut Bandages – This tool can come in handy if you need to cut gauzes, bandages, and even cloth to treat yours or someone else’s scrapes and wounds.

Apart from a camping knife, you may also bring a rifle and 250 rounds 9mm ammo box that you can use for hunting game. Be sure to undergo a firearms training to be able to handle and use a gun correctly and to educate yourself about gun safety. That way you will know how to safely operate your firearm and learn about fire safes that you will use to store it securely while not in use.

  1. First Aid Kit

Extreme campers should always bring along a first-aid because you should always address camping injuries as soon as possible.

Include bandages, tape, antiseptic wipes, and medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, pain relievers (get buy codeine deals here), antacids, and even anti-allergy drugs.

  1. Safety Harness

You can never be too sure about safety, so bring along your own harnesses to doubly secure your tents and other equipment. Most gears are made from rope, cable, or webbing materials, and they typically come with locking hardware.

Extreme camping is ideal for thrill-seekers who enjoy heart-thumping adventures into the wild. It’s wise to be prepared when you go on these adrenaline-pumping excursions, so invest in the appropriate gears and equipment, such as a portable chair, tents, sleeping bags, a camping knife, first-aid kit, and safety harnesses.