Awake unveils their second generation electric surfboard – RÄVK S


Awake is launching their second generation electric surfboards and is targeting adrenaline hungry watersports lovers.

Awake Boards, the company behind the award-winning premium electric surfboard, Awake RÄVIK, unveiled their second generation surfboard this weekend, Awake RÄVIK S, at the world’s largest boat show, BOOT Düsseldorf.

After a successful first year on the consumer market, which in short was focused on building the company’s distribution network, Awake’s factory in Limhamn delivered Awake RÄVIK surfboards all over the world, with its largest focus on the boating industry in Europe.

Awake RÄVIK, which received two of the world’s most prestigious design prizes – IF design Award and Red Dot Design Award, is targeted to a user segment where little or none experience from water sports is required from the end user. During 2019, a partnership with Rolls Royce Hydrodynamic Research center was initiated, where Awake RÄVIK, as the first full scale watercraft ever, was tested in Rolls Royce’s water test tunnel, to measure and optimize hydrodynamics flows, with the purpose of minimizing energy consumption in Awake’s system platform intended for smaller watercrafts. The result was  used in the development of the generation 2 electric surfboard, the more dynamic and playful Awake RÄVIK S, as well as enhancing the platform for next coming products.

As part of Awake DNA, the RÄVIK S provides superior acceleration and power, and is accompanied by a significantly responsive, carbon fibre board hull design. While RÄVIK, with its larger volume, offers fun for the whole family regardless of skillset, the RÄVIK S exhilarates the rider with high precision. To quote one of the test pilots, “The closest feeling you get is snowboarding in powder snow. You can just throw it from side to side”.

By continuously focusing on system optimization, Awake has achieved high performance in their system platform, where the 11kW electric motor sends the RÄVIK S from 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in just four seconds, and reaches a top speed of 56 km/h (35 mph).

Full spec, final price and availability will be presented on Awake’s website.

Awake has, since the company was founded in 2017, built a strong engineering team who during the past three years has developed innovative, modular technology and production methods which by small means can be scaled and applied in several products within the marine industry.

Starting in 2020, Awake is working on scaling their production, recruiting more team members in Malmö and Stockholm, as well as continuing building their distribution network outside Europe.