4 Facts Behind the Adrenaline Rush In Betting on Extreme Sports


Let’s admit it; there’s a different kind of thrill whenever we place a bet on our favorite NBA team or a top contender horse during the Triple Crown or just any other extreme sport. That kind of thrill is somehow addicting, and often, we crave to experience that feeling, especially when everything is monotonous.

betting on extreme sports

There’s a truth in saying that if you stop looking for adventure and thrill, life gets stale and boring. And this is true; for some, they seek online betting as their quick solution to solve it, while others venture out to more physical activities such as skydiving or other physical engagement.

But for other people who have a little thrill-seeking character, they might wonder what’s the reason behind all the adrenaline rush when it comes to dealing with these activities. Here are some of the facts behind the adrenaline rush in betting on extreme sports to help curious minds.

Extreme Sports are Exciting

From the term itself, extreme, it means not everybody can do it. And for individuals that are naturally born thrill-seekers, these activities excite them. Even just by watching it, they increase body hormones rapidly reacting, affecting their emotions. The increasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline, and endorphins are the main reasons why some individuals are drawn to these events.

Add into the excitement is when these types of people actually bet on it. The best examples are horse racing events. Just by looking at the racing track’s live feed can give them the sense of rush, especially if they’re actually winning.

If you’re an avid horse racing bettor, you can relate to this kind of feeling, especially since big races are upcoming this year especially the Kentucky Derby is coming. If you intend to bet, you can visit TVG to find out the top contending horses’ current odds.

The Fear of Losing

Others would like to say, blame it on the dopamine. While it’s true that dopamine is activated with rewarding experiences, it’s actually our fear of losing and winning at the same time that increases our adrenaline rush. Adrenaline rush kicks in whenever we are in a tight situation as it sends and prepares our body into  fight-or-flight mode.

But it doesn’t always mean that released adrenaline rush always happens in a situation of life and death. The same experience also happens when sports bettors are in their zone or even watching a scary movie or riding a rollercoaster. Regarding sports betting, it’s the fear of losing their favorite team or favorite horse, or if they’re already in the near winning moment yet, it becomes a hit and miss that sparks the adrenaline rush out of nowhere.

A Role-playing Feeling

Many people who enjoy betting on extreme sports are real fans of a specific sport. Some are into freestyle skiing, BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, even horse racing. All of these are just a few examples of extreme sports that few individuals casually enjoy as well.

However, there’s a huge difference when it comes to exposure and environment. These individuals that casually do these sports are not familiar with the environment of a real tournament or a real race on the track.

So when they get to see professionals do some tricks, ride horses at top speed, skiing down the icy hills, or doing unimaginable stunts, all of these add up becomes a factor for them to have their adrenaline kicked off.

The role-playing feeling is sinking, and just watching all the live stunts sends a trigger to their brains, which makes them excited even more. It’s one of the reasons why some people are into watching extreme sports and why individuals are trying extreme sports as well.

The Winning Thrill

There’s nothing more that can surpass any reason why the adrenaline rush kicks in when it comes to sports betting, especially for extreme sports; it’s the winning thrill. The building excitement from the day you started researching your favorite bet until the day you finally locked in your wager, all of that surmounts into a different kind of thrill, most especially if you’re so sure that you’re actually going to win.

The thrilling feeling that you’re going to hit a large prize is enough to juice up your adrenaline rush the entire time you’re watching the event. It’s the same feeling and experience for casino gamblers that already know they’re on the verge of finally bringing home the top prize. It’s the same sensation that other people get whenever they take a pill or a certain drug, hence, the term adrenaline junkie.


Life is spent taking a new adventure, thrill-seeking activities, and constantly in the phase of excitement is a carefree lifestyle. However, not everyone is into this kind of life choice. But for others that are, this keeps them active and alive. While others can’t fully enjoy the lucrative lifestyle of extreme sports, sports betting can be a solution to keep the thrill and excitement present. By doing this, they get to enjoy the adrenaline rush, and if things go well, they might even bag a huge amount of cash prize. And if not, we bet they still get to enjoy the rush they are looking for.