7 Reasons To Deck Out Your Home With Decorative Skateboards


When you think of home decorations, you would think about a few vases, paintings, figurines, and even an indoor plant. You probably won’t think of skateboards as home decorations, right? And it’s understandable because the skateboards you see being used for fun or sport won’t look good as decorations. After all, they’re worn and dirty from use. However, those aren’t the decorative skateboards you’ll use.

Not many people are familiar with the different kinds of skateboards, designs, artists, and even collectibles in the skating world. While skateboards are meant to be used, you probably won’t want to scratch up a deck with a gorgeous design. There are hand-painted ones, and it’s hard to deny that they’re works of art when you see them.  

There are different types of skateboards you can use as décor that have a more artistic flair to them or ones that have sentimental value to you. If you already have a collection of decks, you can clean and polish them to make them presentable, so they’re ready for the skate wall mount. Still, it might sound strange to some to use skateboard decks as home decorations, but there are many reasons for you to try it out.  

It’s A Conversation Starter

When you have guests over, they’ll most definitely notice how you decorate your home. It’s polite to start a conversation by complimenting the home, regardless if you mean it or not. But when you decorate with mounted decks, then any reaction from your guests will be genuine. It might be out of surprise at first, but they’ll want to take a closer look at the skateboards and then ask a few questions. And that’s how you can start an authentic and exciting conversation. You might even get other people to be interested in alternative home decorations.  

They’re an Expression of Your Interests

Your home is yours to decorate with items that you love. The way you dress up your home’s interior is the same as how fashion is an expression of your personality. If skateboarding is part of your interests and passions, then using skateboards as decorations will probably appeal to you. It’s no different from displaying trophies, fan merchandise, and even collecting paintings. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a way to creatively express it as a part of your home, as shown at sites like archute.com

They’re Unique

Skateboards as decorations are unique. There aren’t plenty of homes with skateboards hanging down their hallway or in their living rooms. If you want your home to stand out and if you enjoy an alternative home design, then skateboards will do it for you. It doesn’t even matter if you like a skateboard or not. Don’t let people gatekeep skateboarding for you. You can still be interested in it, even if it’s just watching skateboarders, enjoying the art on decks, or simply liking them as home décor. Then I always find that buying a quality rug from Homelooks is always the perfect finishing touch and just adds so much to any room.

Skateboards Come in Many Designs

The art and designs on skateboard decks have come a long way. There are skateboards that used to have a dusty grip tape and plain colors or designs that was limited to street art or the logo of the brand. Street art is great but the demographic is a bit limited. These days, skateboard designs have branched out to more styles that’ll suit more tastes. There are so many artists who specialize in making prints or other designs on skateboards. One fantastic artist, Bear Walker, has gained a lot of popularity because of the high-quality works he does on decks. When you see the amazing work that artists like him produce, it’s a guarantee that you’ll want to hang them up on your walls.  If pop art or street art isn’t something that you’re keen on, you should check out other artists on social media, especially on Instagram. The potential for skateboard deck design and decor is limitless and you can collect different pieces from so many artists around the world. 

You Can Get Custom Skateboard Art

Speaking of artists, you can even get a skateboard deck customized for home decorations. As mentioned, there are so many artists out there who specialize in designing decks. It might be a little pricey since you’re paying for quality, but it’ll surely be worth it because it’ll be a unique piece of art.  

You don’t have to get an artist to do it for you especially if you already have artistic skills. You don’t have to be a genius painter to do this. You can even DIY it by getting your own vinyl cutter at vinylcuttingmachineguide.com. Then you can proudly display your masterpiece in your home.  

It’s a Fantastic Way to Show Off Your Collection

It’s no secret that skateboards are also collectible items. There are even collaborations between different brands like Santa Cruz to create one-of-a-kind skateboards. If you already have a collection, or you plan to collect, then it wouldn’t be ideal just to have them stocked in one room or leaning against a wall. Display them on your walls, down the hall, or in a dedicated collection room to decorate and add color to your home.  

Do It Because You Want To

The last reason to use skateboard decks as decoration for your home is that you want to. To be honest, that’s probably the only reason you need to do it. Don’t let other people drive you into thinking that home decoration should be one way and not the other. You don’t need to justify wanting to hang up a skateboard that you love up on your walls. If it’s something you love and enjoy, that’s the only reason you need to do it.  

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Skateboards have evolved from a plaything to works of art. Think about it, it’s a well-crafted plank of wood and could come in all kinds of designs. It’s no different from art pieces, posters, or throw pillows that you use to spruce up your home. The definition of “home décor” is subjective, so if you want to use skateboards for interior decoration, then roll with it!