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7 Reasons To Deck Out Your Home With Decorative Skateboards

When you think of home decorations, you would think about a few vases, paintings, figurines, and even an indoor plant. You probably won't think...

Quail Egg – Artist to the Kia World Extreme Games Stars!

The Kia World Extreme Games isn’t just a collection of world extreme sports stars pitting their wits against each other in their chosen arena;...

Our Top 5 Santa Cruz Skateboards Under $100

Here at Extreme Sports X there’s nothing we love more than to hit the pavement on a big old cruiser, and what better way...

The Penny Complete Skateboard Review

Penny is a well-known brand of skateboard and the company is known for producing good quality, well-made boards with a funky look. The Penny...

Positiv Complete Skateboard Review

If you're new to the sport of skateboarding or are getting a skateboard for a beginner you might want to check out the complete...