7 Ideas To Customize Your Skateboard


Customizing your skateboard creates a more personal appearance for your deck and wheels. In most cases, skaters design their skateboards based on their personality and style. While you can purchase well-designed skateboards from various sources, having a personally designed skateboard gives more character and a sense of ownership.

Suppose you’re planning to customize your skateboard anytime soon. In that case, you may need to know some ideas to redesign and innovate your skateboard. Choose a specific design that captures your flips, moves, and style. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on!

  1. Redesigned Wheels

In choosing wheels, you may consider functionality and style. Having said that, you may decide whether you’ll install on-road or off road skateboard wheels. Apart from this, you may also think about the graphic designs embedded on the side of the wheel. If you prefer hard yet lightweight wheels, you may select the park or street wheel. Generally, these wheels roll fast and are ideal for skater’s bowls and parks. Their diameter ranges from 50-60mm.

If you prefer a wheel that may fit most deck types, you could choose cruiser types. These types provide a smoother feel and are perfect for rough pavement. These options range from 54-60mm. Lastly, you may select longboard types if you like the biggest yet softest wheels. These have a wider diameter than the first two options. Also, they’re known for their tight grip even on the most rigid surfaces.

  1. Customized Grip Tape

Grip tape refers to the sandpaper-like material responsible for your shoe traction so you can showcase your ollies, shove-its, and other skateboard tricks. This product has different tape brands, and most of them measure 9in x 33in. You may select among the ones with plain colors, neon patterns, and custom art for design purposes.

  1. Installed Riser And Shock Pads

These skateboard components are often referred to interchangeably. Riser pads increase the skateboard’s height to avoid wheel bite. On the other hand, shock pads function similarly to suspension rings—they absorb shock.

In choosing riser pads, you may consider the different shapes and thicknesses as they often affect the board’s maneuverability. Interestingly, riser and shock pads have evolved into creative pads with various shapes, colors, and design cutouts.

  1. Hardware Innovation

Skate hardware refers to the different bolts and nuts that clasp and lock your wheels and components. The Initial hardware is made of stainless steel, but its development has paved the way for modern hardware consisting of multi-colored alloys. Today, many bolts have various types of heads, including countersinks and buttons.

The nuts are also grouped into baseplate, wheels, and kingpins. All of these are categorized according to size. Nowadays, some skate hardware has anodized types preferred by skaters who opt for a neon-like appearance. Yet, others still stick to the classic stainless steel.

  1. Replaced Bearings

Most skateboard bearings are made of stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium. Most of them have plain steel designs, while others have red and rust colors. While these aren’t purchased for their look since they’re often hidden under the board, some skaters still choose the colorful ones for their uniqueness.

  1. Customized Deck

Customizing your deck means modifying the most portion of your board. This could enhance the aesthetic quality of your deck and help in skateboard maintenance. You may paint your decks with your preferred design or silk-screen a specific art for your deck for these purposes. Aside from this, you may also draw markers on the surface. You may incorporate a grip tape cutout to add more style to your chosen thematic graphic design.

For a more personal approach, you may paint the entire deck. In other words, you may use it similarly to a canvas. You can use spray paint or acrylic paint to express your style. You may also use stencils for your graphic text or settle with hand-painting. You may try mixed media to make your deck a visual standout.

  1. Sticker-Ridden Board

Applying stickers on your boards is one of the easiest ways to customize them. You can buy from various platforms and sellers and choose the best skate stickers that could show your style. If you want to sticker-bomb your deck, you may apply 25 or more stickers on your board, assuming that each has the same size.

You may also consider designing your sticker. This way, you could create your own logo, name, and art piece. You could also choose from various sticker generations, from the vintage to modern to experimental styles. You may think about its adhesive and aesthetics in choosing a skate sticker.

Wrapping Up

Skateboards are the extensions of a skater’s personality. Because of this, it may be necessary for skaters to look for ideas to customize their boards. Suppose you’re one of them. In that case, you may consider reading this article to learn how to stylize your board. You may also research DIY skateboard designs that could speak of your style for other ideas.