5 Must-Have Items for Extreme Camping


What could be a better adventure than extreme camping? Well, when the topic of extreme camping is up for discussion, one thing that remains constant is which essentials to pack? Having the necessary items in your bag can literally change the way your trip executes, whether you are a seasoned vacationer or a first-time camper. With all the COVID-19 restrictions lifting, 2022 is going to be the year of adventure and fun. That’s why it is essential to ensure you have the must-have accessories and items for extreme camping so that you can pack up and leave on your adventure with just a minute’s notice.  Keep reading to find the list of objects you definitely don’t want to leave behind. 

1. Tent

If you are someone who is going camping for the very first time, then it is best to take a durable cabin tent with you. The thought of sleeping under the stars can be pretty intimidating, so you must have an emergency shelter with you, just in case you encounter a heavy snowfall, midnight deluge, or some other medical emergency. Tents also prevent you from getting cold after the sun goes down. And in extreme weather situations, a tent can be your saviour. Now, it is entirely your choice what kind of tent you opt for, such as a two-person tent or cabin-style tent for more than two people; whichever you choose, be sure to bring the needed essentials with you, such as tent poles, ropes, stakes, and a rain fly. If planning to camp on the side of a mountain, you’ll have further considerations to make too.

2. Survival Shovel Kit

The survival shovel kit has been gaining popularity because it has all the things you need to go extreme camping. It is a portable kit that can save the day in outdoor settings. It contains a carbon steel spade with an aluminium handle. The tool combines efficiency and durability into a lightweight, travel-friendly kit that only weighs 2.5 pounds. It is popular among campers who like to hunt animals. This kit disassembles easily and also includes a knife, axe, saw, spear, spire starter, whistle, compass, and rope cutter. So many things just in one tool. Isn’t it amazing? This isn’t all; this survival kit is waterproof and has a storage pouch for carrying things. This is no doubt a must-have item for your next camping trip. 

3. Tanto Survival Knife

Whether you are a seasoned camper going extreme camping in the hope of a wild experience, or someone camping in the more traditional way, your next must-have item should be a survival knife. This is a one of a kind accessory that will leave you feeling a lot safer. The Tanto survival knife has a rubber grip and a steel hammer end. It also comes with an emergency whistle. The survival knife’s blade is 12 cm. It’s made from stainless steel and has a serrated edge. The knife comes with a sharpening stone and a fire starter. If you want to keep a more sharpened knife with you while camping, then a Tanto knife will be the perfect choice. It is lightweight and easy-to-carry, and perfect for all kinds of survival situations.

4. Sleeping Bag

Another must-have item for an extreme camping adventure is a sleeping bag. After a day of adventuring, you will need a good rest. This is precisely why you must take a sleeping bag with you. You can have a quick rest on moss if you want during the day, but know that it will not keep you warm once the sun sets. In outdoor areas, the temperatures can change suddenly. And let’s not forget dangerous insects that may crawl over your body and cause harm. That’s why going camping without a high-quality sleeping bag is not very wise. Sleeping without a sleeping bag can be quite uncomfortable and can cause you distress the following day. It is advised by the experts to take a sleeping bag with you no matter what kind of camping you are planning on doing.

5. Camping Cooking Kit

It is very unlikely that you will have access to proper kitchen utensils when extreme camping. In such conditions, you must rely on something called a camping cooking kit. This is a kit that is designed solely for making your cooking experiences hassle-free while outdoors. Most kits contain cutlery, a cutting board, utility knife, spice shakers, and folding tools. You can also opt to take some food items with you, or live off what you hunt.  It all depends on what you want from your extreme camping adventure.

Whatever adventure you plan to take, always be prepared for unprecedented situations and ensure you have the above essentials packed.