Not Sure If Snowboarding is for You? Here’s How to Find Out


Perhaps you are a keen skier, or you’ve tried plenty of other extreme sports. Perhaps you have never set foot on a slope before and have no idea what you’re in for. Whatever the case may be, you will never know your real opinion about snowboarding if you never try it. Here’s how to figure out if snowboarding is the right sport for you.

Try Skateboarding or Surfing

Although skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding are all very different activities, they share some similarities. If you have the opportunity to practice before going snowboarding, take the chance to feel how the posture and angles work on a board you manipulate with balance and core strength. You might find that it is less daunting to practice in a different environment before going on your snowboarding trip, such as the skatepark or sea.

Go With an Experienced Group

People who have already been snowboarding plenty of times before can be the perfect group for first-time snowboarders. This is because they can act as guides to help you navigate the slopes and the buildings until you find your bearings. Make sure someone in the group is willing to be your buddy for the day so that you can ask them questions or get their help. Being able to learn this way can be a method of getting into snowboarding with greater confidence.

Go With Other Newbies

If one of your fears around snowboarding for the first time is how inexperienced and foolish you might look on your snowboard, inviting others who have no snowboarding experience can be a great way to alleviate some of those fears. Learning as a group with no single person in charge or telling you what to do can be a fantastic way to learn as well as a fun bonding activity.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

If you have been looking at photos of the crisp white mountains with longing or watching impressive videos of experts soaring through the snow, you may be tempted to rush into buying lots of your very own snowboarding gear. Starting a new sport can be exciting and it’s understandable that you want to be as prepared as possible when hitting the slopes, but don’t waste your money on what could be the only time you ever try snowboarding. Instead, look for services such as HWY 40 where you can easily rent all the necessary equipment to have a great time.

Give it Time

Like with many new activities, trying something once and only briefly is not usually enough to determine whether or not you truly enjoy it. This is why staying for at least a night or two so you can revisit the slopes and grow more familiar with the sensations is a much better idea. You may find that after your first day snowboarding, you never want to try again, but if you sleep on it, you might find that your mind has changed.