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The Best Cliff Diving Destinations in Europe

If you are craving some fearless fun, why don't you try cliff diving in Europe? It's a thrilling activity guaranteed to get your heart...

Top Adventure Sports in the Lake District, England

The Lake District is a fantastic playground for all extreme sports enthusiasts. With stunning scenery, numerous lakes and spectacular mountains, the natural beauty of...

North Devon, England: A Skater’s Paradise

The area of North Devon is known best for its dedicated crew of surfers, mainly due to its close proximity to world-class surfing beaches....

Five of the Best Beaches for Surfers in Devon and Cornwall

Surfing is not just a sport that is followed in the States, Mexico, and Australia. Britain has some great surfing beaches, and some of...

Extreme Ironing – Taking Every Day Chores to New Heights

Whilst most people might find the idea of extreme sports disconcerting, there will always be one person who takes it to the next level....

Climbing in Cumbria

Often when you talk to climbers, you’ll hear them talk about travelling to all sorts of remote locations or famous climbing spots like the...