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Common Extreme Sports to Enjoy in Iceland

Iceland is full of breathtaking and thrilling lava landscapes that are full of bliss during the summer and snow during the winter. People travel...

Ben Akhtar – Youngest Extreme Sports Athlete in the UK

I am Ben Akhtar – Aged 15. Although I am young – I am already living my dreams in the world of extreme sports. Since as...

My Experience of Paragliding in Colombia

Colombia, widely ignored prior to the 2014 FIFA world cup, offers all-year round paragliding at Andes mountain launch sites across miles of untouched countryside....

Paragliding Considerations within the UK

Paragliding is an extreme (or adventure) sport in which participants fly soft-bodied aircraft while sitting in harness; paragliders are launched on foot from a...

Top 10 Extreme Sports

Extreme sports generally involve a considerable amount of risk and include many things like heights, speed, and/or physical exertion. Any sport which involves one...