Common Extreme Sports to Enjoy in Iceland


Iceland is full of breathtaking and thrilling lava landscapes that are full of bliss during the summer and snow during the winter. People travel from all parts of the world to visit this small European country that is a haven for adventure. If you are planning to visit Iceland on your next vacation, keep reading for a list of the best extreme sports activities to enjoy.


Paragliding offers a great way to enjoy Iceland from an aerial view. The fact that there are large lava landscapes makes it even more fun. Numerous sports companies can organize these activities for you, and gliding with the pros is especially ideal for those new to the sport.  However, even if you are experienced with paragliding, you’ll find plenty of opportunities and other enthusiasts to fly with.

Sky Diving

Sky diving is one of the scariest extreme sports but it can be enjoyed by people of all levels and experience. If you are new to skydiving, the summer months are the perfect time to give it a go in Iceland.  It’s hard to describe how awesome you’ll feel as you free fall through the sky.  Your blood will pump through your veins as your survival instinct kicks in and you’ll truly know what it’s like to be alive.  Hella is one of our most recommended spots.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a commonly enjoyed activity in Iceland. You can choose a route that goes through the landscapes, caves, or a variety of farms with MrIceland. Their experienced guides will share with you the history of Icelandic horses, the people, and the culture. If you want to turn it up a notch, horse racing activities and sports are also available throughout the country. There is nothing more fun than playing polo on an Icelandic horse. You can try it on your next trip to Iceland.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a very popular sport during the winter. The fun part is that the natural landscapes naturally turn into ice rinks once the temperature dips below zero. Team up with a company that provides helicopter transport to a rink in the middle of nowhere for a truly awesome experience.  Of course, if you want to ice skate in a more traditional arena, the big cities – and many of the towns – all have rinks that open during the winter.

Mountain Biking

Cycling up and down the landscapes of Iceland calls for endurance and persistence. There are many well-defined cycling tracks, but you will need a guide to take you from the starting point to the end. Some are circular routes that end at the same point as where you started. Whether you travel with your bike or hire one from one of the local kiosks located around the cycling mountains, you and your family will definitely have a lot of fun.

Iceland is home to many extreme sports. The most popular ones are those that we have mentioned above, although there are others. Whatever you do, don’t visit Iceland without trying at least one of them!