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Surfing in Ireland

As a surfer, you go where the wind takes you. After all, it’s your free spirit and spontaneity that probably attracted you to the...

Sipping Jetstreams Surf DVD Video Review

The Sipping Jetstreams Surf DVD Video is presented as a romantic surf novel.  It is supposed to take you to some of the most...

Kelly Slater – Unbeatable?

I love surfing competitions.  The technical skill of the surfing competitors is something that I find incredible and competing in an extreme sport like...

Top 10 Extreme Sports

Extreme sports generally involve a considerable amount of risk and include many things like heights, speed, and/or physical exertion. Any sport which involves one...

A Brief History of Surfing

The rich global culture of surfing stems from various histories that have amalgamated themselves into one lifestyle that has become so much more to...