Diamondback Viper BMX Bike Review


BMXing is back with a vengeance.  At the beginning of the 90s, skateboarding really took off and rather took over from the good old fashioned BMX.  But thanks to a few old faithfuls the sport didn’t die completely and the sport has got its mojo back over the last few years.

When starting out in the sport of BMXing, you need a good, solid entry-level bike.  The quite frankly legendary Diamondback Viper BMX bike is where it’s at for beginners.  The bike has everything you need at an affordable price and is as pure as a BMX gets.

Diamondback Viper BMX Bike Specifications

  • The frame is composed of Hi-Ten steel, as is the fork
  • The head tube is 74 degree, seat tube is 70 degree, the top tube is 19.5 inches and the chain stay is 14.5 inches
  • The handlebars are made up of Hi-Ten steel two-piece, 25 inches by 6.75 inches.
  • The grips are DB icon with a nylon end plug
  • The brakes are rush linear and the levers are Rush RX 2.1
  • 44t steel sprocket
  • Pedals have a resin platform
  • The spokes are 14g
  • The rims are 36H aluminum and are 30mm wide
  • The hubs have a 36H steel shell with 3/8” axles at the front and the rear
  • The cranks are 165mm
  • Comes with Comp III style tires 20 x 2.125 at the front and 1.75 at the rear

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Pros and Cons

With a high tech steel frame and fork, 36-spoke aluminum wheels and DB BMX padded seat, the Diamondback Viper BMX bike is a full on racing bike at an entry level price.  Combining simplicity and value in bikes like these is what gets people into the sport, so long may it continue we say.  Easy to put together, compact, lightweight and sturdy, the Diamondback Viper BMX bike is perfect and leads the pack of high street brands.  The only problem is if you buy this bike for your kid, chances are you won’t be seeing a great deal of them over the coming weeks.

While this is a great bike for beginners as we’ve said, it also receives warm reviews from more advanced riders who have thrown it around their local parks.  However, if you’re after a bike that’s comfortable with advanced trickery, it’s probably best to go for higher end bikes.  The Diamondback Viper BMX bike is great for having fun with. However, the alignment of the handlebars is a little too loose for any impressive tricks.  You might find that putting the brake assembly unit together is a little bit tricky but other than that, the bike is relatively easy to put together (though you will need the instructions!).  The bike has excellent brakes for one of its level.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

If you have a little one looking for a fun activity, BMX is probably the sport for them.  The Diamondback Viper BMX bike is a small investment for a big return – they’ll have so much fun and get out and about in the process. Amazon are currently selling this bike for $179.99 – a bargain if you ask us… and you never know you may have a BMX champ on your hands!  Have fun!

Overall Rating
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