Diamondback vs. Mongoose – Which is the Better BMX Brand?


BMX bike riding is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. BMX bike riding involves the use of, unsurprisingly, a special bike that allows participants to perform various tricks. These tricks include flips through the air with blind landings, biking across platforms for extreme length in jumps, and gravity defying stunts where the hands and legs leave the bike. It is no surprise, then, with a name like BMX and a sport that is driven by the use of a bicycle, that the bike is an important element in the sport. Two popular brands exist, among the many that are known for their popularity and their quality. Diamondback BMX bikes and Mongoose BMX bikes are two popular providers of bicycles in this popular sport. Which, however, is the better BMX brand? The following explains more about the advantages and disadvantages of each in this comparison of Diamondback BMX bikes versus Mongoose BMX bikes.

Mongoose BMX Bikes

Mongoose BMX bikes usually range in the hundreds of dollars range. The higher the price, arguably, the better the product because the lighter pieces cost more money to manufacture and make. This is important because aerodynamic qualities are essential to flying through the air. If the bike is too heavy, this can cause lift and propulsion to wane and make it difficult to get off of the ground. Mongoose BMX bikes are durable and known for their ability to absorb the shocks of hard falls.

Mongoose manufacture a number of different bike brands including Schwinn, GT and the Mongoose name itself.  All of these bikes are high quality and when compared to other brands in the same price range come out well on top.

Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle BMX Bike – $139

Diamondback BMX Bikes

Diamondback BMX bikes are made by Raleigh and are, on average, a bit lower in price than the Mongoose models and types of bikes. They, too, have a reputation of durability and strength. There are some complaints that users have about the construction of the bicycle and its quality, however, these are not a widespread sentiment but a note of concern among some riders.  Many people do believe that it is easier to purchase spare parts for Diamondback bikes so this may be something to keep in mind before you purchase either.

Diamondback 2012 Grind 18 BMX Bike – $159.99


In customer reviews and comparisons of Mongoose BMX bikes to Diamondback BMX bikes both were received well. Depending on the make and model, it appears that Mongoose BMX bikes have an edge in quality and design while Diamondback BMX bikes have an advantage in the area of pricing. Avid riders agree that each has its advantages and respect in the BMX biking world. Still, though, it appears that, again on average, customers and riders felt that Mongoose BMX bikes have a slight edge over their Diamondback competition.

The best thing to do when choosing your bike from these two brands is to talk to the store from which you are purchasing them or to an experienced rider. They will not only be able to expound upon these differences but also may be able to help direct you toward the bike that best suits your needs and your purposes. This is also the best way to test the bikes out and see which you prefer. Of course you can also check out our BMX bike product reviews to give you an idea of what to expect.

Though Mongoose BMX bikes may have the edge now, with newer models being constructed and thought of, there is no telling what the future of these bikes might see and who may be on top in the future.