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Are You Ready for a Full Moon Bungee?

As if bungee jumping itself is not enough of a rush, Whistler Bungee is now letting you do it under the light of a...

Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes Review

If you are into rock climbing or strenuous hiking, you will need some great shoes.  Climbing shoes make sure you are comfortable and safe,...

Is BASE Jumping an Addiction?

In a recent program on strange addictions, a list of people was shown with addictions to some very strange things. One man was quite...

Combine Ireland Holidays with Some Extreme Sports!

Ireland holidays are an increasingly popular choice due to the amount of activities that Ireland has to offer.  Quite apart from the ancient myths,...
Flow Drifter Snowboards

Flow Drifter 2012 Snowboard Review

The right snowboard can make all the difference in your performance on the slopes. From popping to turning, having a well-tuned, professionally-constructed board is...

Extreme Sports Holidays in New Zealand

With great terrains and evolving demographics, New Zealand stands out as one of the world's best locations for holiday makers who like high adrenaline...

Extreme Ski Jumping

Define “extreme ski jumping”. What jumps to mind? High jumps? Fantastic stunts maybe? Swan diving off a rock? Jet packs? Trees? That’s right! Jet...
Surfing DVD

Sipping Jetstreams Surf DVD Video Review

The Sipping Jetstreams Surf DVD Video is presented as a romantic surf novel.  It is supposed to take you to some of the most...