U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit Review


US Divers wetsuitWhen it comes to scuba diving, it is vital that the wetsuit you are wearing not only meets the required specifications for the particular type of dive but also is a durable, quality piece of equipment. There are countless types and brands of wetsuits available on the market and knowing which specific one to choose can be confusing to the inexperienced diver. Most divers prefer to engage in this sport during the warmer months of the year and in warmer waters, which is when thinner wetsuits are the most ideal. One of the best summer/autumn full-body wetsuits currently available is the US Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit.

This full-body wetsuit is manufactured by U.S. Divers, a company that has been in the business of providing diving and scuba-related gear for over 60 years. One of the five original wetsuit manufacturers in the United States, US Divers wetsuits come with a standard two year warranty and have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. The wetsuit can currently be purchased for around $90, which is a very reasonable price when considering the long-term reputation and quality that is associated with the brand. Just to make sure that the product in question is worth the purchase, we have searched for reviews of the product online and summed up the advantages and disadvantages to make things easy for you.  Hopefully our review will help you to determine whether this wetsuit will be ideal for you.


  • Full-size with a 3/2 mm thick neoprene construction
  • Titanium insulation in the chest panel helps redirect and store body heat
  • Flat-lock stitching
  • Neoskin seals help keep water out at the neck, feet and wrists
  • Available in sizes ranging from small to XX-large

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Pros and Cons of the U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit

The most noticeable positive characteristic of the wetsuit is the elasticity and balance of the suit’s fit; being not too stiff but not too clingy, this product follows in the footsteps of other US Divers wetsuits. When used in the water, you can instantly tell a difference in your body temperature as the titanium-coated plates in the suit help maintain core temperature and divert needed heat back to the body.

There are also a couple of downsides to the US Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit. Unlike other US Divers wetsuits, this particular model seems to run one size smaller than what is considered a typical fit when compared to other wetsuits, so keep this in mind when purchasing. Other concerns include the size of the neck opening; those with large necks may find it difficult to zip this up fully without it being excessively tight.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

For individuals with smaller proportions that need a wetsuit for summer and autumn diving, this is one of the most affordable US Divers wetsuits available. While higher-quality wetsuits exist, this particular wetsuit is a great buy for someone who is a beginner and is not necessarily looking to invest a ton of money into the sport. It is also great for those who only occasionally dive during the peak season.

US Divers Wetsuits

This wetsuit is also available in a “shorty version”.  You can read our review of the US Divers Adult Shorty Wetsuit here.

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