Five of the Best Places to Go Wakeboarding this Summer


The holidays are almost upon us, the anticipation is rising and the thrill of the call of the ocean is strong. There is little doubt that the sport of wakeboarding is extremely progressive and is constantly evolving creating the perfect combination of challenging fun. Many locations around the world are offering more than just a venue; they are offering a whole new dimension to the sport.

For some adrenalin pumping, extreme sports adventures this summer; you can’t do better than these top five international prime wakeboarding locations.

1. Marco Island: Try Something New

Marco Island, located off the South Western Florida Coastline in the Gulf of Mexico, is highly rated as one of the world’s prime wakeboarding locations. It ticks all the boxes to ensure a near perfect experience. Seasoned wake boarders will love the opportunity to experience the new phenomenon of wave surfing. Is there much that can compare with the thrill of riding a curl behind a purpose built boat and flying at speeds and heights you have only ever dreamed of? If the boat you’re using for wakeboarding needs Boat Fiberglass Repair services, make sure to find a company that can work on your specific boat model.

2. Stoney Park: Try Something Purpose Built

Combine the exotic with the purpose built and head for the twin lakes at Stoney Park in New South Wales, Australia. If you are aged 18-25, don’t miss the annual Camp Chaos Event and look forward to one of the world’s best wakeboarding experiences with like minded lovers of extreme sports. At other times of the year venture into the East Lake with its kicker ramp and slider. Appreciate the thrill of the challenge. Be brave… Be very brave!

3. Aqua Ski Park: Try Sense Stimulating Skiing

Aqua Ski Park in Costa Rica combines sense stimulating scenery with 3500ft of manmade lake. Pristine and dubbed a skiing paradise by many repeat visitors, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a location for beginners. Arrange your Costa Rica adventure holidays trip with the best travel company. Glassy, mirror like and calm waters, without another vessel in sight will leave you easily fooled into believing you are the only person on the planet.

4. The Texas Ski Ranch: Try Hearth Throbbing Thrills

The Texas Ski Ranch has it all! Widely acclaimed as one of the most exciting of locations to wakeboard, yet you don’t need a boat to ride the waves. Kickers, sliders and cables combine to reconstruct the ultimate heart throbbing thrill of the best that the sport has to offer enthusiasts. Be prepared to climb to heights you only dreamed of.

5. Neorion Bay: The Place of Champions

Head to Greece and to infamous Neorion Bay for all the action you could want, combined with the biggest ride able waves you can find in the country. All the action is created by the owner who himself was a board riding champion. Location and challenge combine to provide the best the sport has to offer.

Around the world, in some of the best-known locations for extreme sports and wakeboarding, technology is combining with tradition to produce the wow factor for riders searching for thrill and spill and the best waves around.  Enjoy the summer!