Steve Caballero – A Skateboarder With Talent, Depth, and a Continuing Presence In The Sport


Every sport has trailblazers that take the sport and elevate it to a new and prominent location. In the world of skateboarding, Steve Caballero was one of the men to really change the face of the sport. His legacy continues today because of the amazing foundation he created from the first time he hopped on the skateboard. The following explains more about the life and athletic career of Steve Caballero and how his influence continues to impact the world of skateboarding for the better.

Early Life

Steve Caballero was born in San Jose, California on November 8, 1964. At the age of twelve, Steve discovered the sport of skateboarding and never looked back. It was a love affair of sport that developed into a successful and lucrative career. This was an amazing fete for the young boy as he suffered from a health problem concerning the spine’s alignment since birth. Steve was born with scoliosis but this condition never seemed to impact his love or his ability in skateboarding. He saw his condition as nothing that would get in the way of his dreams and his goals in the sport, and this theme continues to this day.

Skateboarding Career

Steve turned professional skateboarder just four years after beginning the sport of skateboarding. It was in 1980 that he made this shift from amateur to professional athlete during the Golden Cup Series. The series was held at the Oasis Skatepark in Southern California and was an event that really began to thrust him to fame. This same year, Steve invented the move that would become known as the Caballerial, a move that is still utilized today. He is also credited with development of the frontside board slide, once known as the frontside rock ‘n’ roll slide. Because Steve was born in the year of the dragon, he often used the graphic and image of a dragon on much of his skating attire and board wear.


Not only was Steve a professional skateboarder, but also an extremely successful one. It is from the awards, titles and other recognitions that he received while skateboarding that Steve became the lasting force in the sport that he is. The following are just some of the different awards that Steve earned through his skateboarding career and, again, a reason that he remains a prominent figure in the sport.

  • 1980 Gets signature pro deck, making him the first skateboarder in the history of the sport to get achieve this distinction
  • 1981 The Caballerial is invented and a new move impacts the world of Skateboarding for years to come
  • From 1981-1984 he was given the distinction of Skater of the Year each and every year
  • 1980’s, Steve is the winner of several different competitions both in the US and around the world
  • 1989 Steve becomes the first skater in the history of the sport to get what is known as the pro-skate signature shoe
  • 1996 he continues to impact the sport and gain fame as he participated in the closing ceremonies of the Atlanta, Georgia Olympics
  • 1999 Solidifies place in skating history even further by being named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Century”

The moves that Steve created had a life that continues throughout the sport and that has provided him the sound foundation to continue to parlay his skateboarding dominance in the past into a solidified presence currently. He was an idle that gave the sport a face and a positive one. It is for this reason that he was given the distinction of the “Skater of the Century.”

Personal Life

Skateboarding was not all that Steve’s life was about. He had an interesting post-active skateboarding career. The Faction, Shovelhead, Soda, and other bands found Steve as a contributing member of their musical ventures. He even has a compilation title available for purchase entitled Bandology. This compilation focuses on Steve’s participation in several of these bands. Steve was married to a woman named Susan, but unfortunately the marriage did not last. During their time together, however, Steve became a father to a young daughter named Kayla Leslie. Though Steve was born into a Catholic family, he considered the studying of faith a path in his life for nearly six years. During this period of his life, Steve was a student of the art of Zen and Taoism, though neither lifestyle was his faith’s final resting place.


Today, Steve is happily married to his second wife Rachel, whom he married in 2006. Together the couple have a son named Caleb Bela. He has a passion and love for music that has found him in several different rock and punk bands, as previously noted. He has a love of faith as well and credits much of his past and current successes to his relationship with Jesus Christ and Christianity. He states that he incorporates this love and passion for the gospel in everything he does, both inside and outside of athletics.

He currently has an impact on the world of sport with skateboards and designs. Currently, Steve is sponsored by several different companies including Powell Peralta Skateboards, Independent Truck Company, Ohana Boardshop, Protec Helmets, and others. He has graced the covers of several magazines, including Thrasher. He also continues to influence a new generation of skaters by being a character option in Tony Hawk’s skateboarding games and downloadable features.

Creative Commons Photo by Demetri Mouratis