Planning the Perfect After Party for Your Next Race or Extreme Sports Event


If you are building up to something big, whether it’s a competition, match, fight, or race, you have probably spent a lot of time training and gearing yourself up, completely focused on doing your best. Being determined and single-minded can help you perform, but it can also mean you don’t spend as much time with friends and family and you miss out on quite a lot of your normal social life.

after party

This is just one of the reasons why it can be a really good idea to plan an after party for after the event – an opportunity to relax, enjoy the high from whatever you have been doing, and thank the people who have been patient and supportive during the run up. If you do your sport with a team or train with other competitors, it can also be a great opportunity to do something fun together after what may have been months of grueling hard work.

If you want to throw a party to remember, here are some tips and ideas:

Forget the Special Diet!

If you have been eating to fuel your training, now is the time to (for just one night) go back to eating just for the enjoyment of it. Choose foods that you have been missing while on your training diet, and make sure there is plenty of decadent stuff in your buffet or sit down meal for everyone to enjoy, without feeling like they are at a party catered for by fitness and nutrition experts! If it fits with your social scene, get some great beverage options in too. Champagne to toast the event and those who participated, and perhaps some interesting cocktails for the rest of the evening.


Your after party is all about enjoying the celebratory high that follows a big event, and getting some release after all your hard work. You and some of your other guests may have some nervous energy still to burn off, so throw in some fun activities for them to do. Whether it’s something as simple as dancing or you want to do something more memorable like hire inflatable obstacle courses, a bucking bronco machine or any of the other cool party stuff you can get from companies like Orlando Fun Crew, giving people energetic yet funny things to do or play will make your party great!


Whether you yourself are the person whose achievements are being celebrated or there is a whole team, a part of the reason for the party is to say thank you to the people who helped you get there and perform as well as you did. Making a good speech at some point in the evening will really drive this home, so make sure you plan for it!

A good after party can be a great way for you to reconnect with the people who are important to you after a long bout of training and competing, and let off some steam. Make sure you plan one for your next big event, game or race!