5 Tips for Selecting the Best Rowing Machine for Your Home Gym


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The population is becoming morbidly obese because of the easy access to cheap, processed, and tasty fast food options, and most are eating less fresh produce, fruits, whole grains, and dairy. If you are one of those people who would love to work out but you do not have time in your schedule to hit the gym, it is time to consider building yourself a home gym. What most people are concerned about is having a trainer for themselves when having a home gym; with top cross trainers for your home that shouldn’t be the matter that bothers you.

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This article will also help you select the best rowing machine to add to your home gym. A rowing machine is a great piece of equipment to buy for many reasons.

Fold Up Design

There are many excuses that one can create as a way to get out of working out. One of the reasons that people avoid creating a home gym is because there is a lack of adequate space available. The good thing about a rowing machine is that you can purchase a model that offers the option to fold it up so that it can be stored until you want to use it. This is a great compromise for those who do not have a designated space for a fitness room but still want to build the practice of working out into their daily routine.

Easy to Read LCD Display

When selecting a rower, you will want to make sure that you get a screen that provides an LCD display with large print. This way, you will be able to read the screen and check your statistics while working out. A good display will show the strokes, time, and other metrics that will help you analyze the effectiveness of your workout.

Decide on the Internal Components

There are many options to choose from in a rower. Before purchasing a rower, be sure to have an idea of what is best for your lifestyle and needs.

  • An air resistance rower uses a fan blade and a flywheel to work. This type of machine is typically the most popular as it provides a smooth stroke.
  • A water rower gives the same feel as you would experience if you were rowing in the water. You can expect to have a tougher workout the faster you row. While a water rower may not be a good option for your home gym, it is still something to know about and consider.
  • A hydraulic rower is typically great value and offered for a lower price than the others mentioned, however the stroke is not as smooth.

Built with Quality Materials

If you are ooking to buy the best mini trampoline for exercise, be sure to check to see that it is made of durable materials that can withstand the test of time.


Some manufacturers offer a limited warranty on their products. Check to see if the machine you are interested in purchasing has this perk.

To learn more about setting up a home gym and great gym equipment, check out the Body Gear Guide.