What Kind of Athletic Shoes Do You Need?


Are you taking up a brand new sport or activity and you need to pick up the proper footwear? Did you know there are a large variety of athletic shoes all meant for specific sports/activities? Rather than head into the store blind and just pick the first thing that catches your eye, it’s best to do a little research on which athletic shoe is right for your needs, and the vessi footwear might be the right thing for you !

Here’s a look at the basics when it comes to the most common athletic shoes. This is especially handy for those who are looking to perform a variety of activities yet don’t want to purchase multiple shoes.

Walking Shoe Basics

Walking shoes are ideal for people who plan on doing exactly what this shoe is called – walking. These don’t perform particularly well in high-impact sports, so they really are meant for walking. They provide shock absorption under the ball of your foot and your heel, which is what takes all the impact while you walk. Sometimes they will have a rounded bottom or sole, which helps with motion as you walk.  If you don’t know what exactly to buy, take a look at bestwalkingfeet.com to explore the best options available.

Cross Trainer Basics

A cross-trainer is meant for people who plan to do a variety of activities in the same shoe. This means they don’t excel in any one area, rather they do a good job across the board. You can wear these shoes for performing exercises at the gym, playing sports such as basketball, weight training, during a Yoga class, etc. They do offer cushion for your feet, but not as much as a running shoe will. The same goes for support, they offer decent support but not as much as a running shoe.

Running Shoe Basics

If you are a runner, then a good-quality running shoe is an absolute must. These types of shoes provide the maximum level of support and cushion, which is imperative to a runner. They are extremely lightweight, which helps when you are running, and the treads tend to be rather smooth so there isn’t much traction. If you plan on walking as well, a running shoe will work. Keep in mind if you are hiking, rather than walking, the lack of traction will be a problem so it’s not an ideal shoe.

Basketball Shoe Basics

Basketball shoes are made specifically for the surface of basketball courts. They have a very stiff sole that is also dense. It doesn’t bend like a running shoe would, so this provides stability when making sharp movements on the court. Basketball shoes come in two varieties which are high top and low cut. Some believe that the high top shoes help to prevent ankle injuries, which isn’t a guarantee. What the high-top version does offer though is added support, which is still important and useful.

When the Shoe Fits

Picking the right athletic shoe is a lot less complicated once you understand the basics of each offering. The right shoe will ensure stability and comfort for you during your various activities. Of course, making sure the shoe is the right fit is also key.