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The Top Four Scuba Diving Sites in Spain – Have an Amazing Underwater Vacation

Imagine a strip of shoreline that’s 4000km long and just waiting to be explored.  You’ll have two oceans at the ready; the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, both of which offer a plethora of underwater species.  Now imagine my excitement as … Click to read the full article

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5 of the Most Popular Extreme Sports Activities in Spain

While extreme sports is a language spoken all over the world in different ways, each country has its own unique achievements and approaches to this exciting world. Spain is no exception to this idea, with a thriving local extreme sports … Click to read the full article

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The Best Caving Sites in the World

Caving is a fantastic and thrilling sport that requires you to be in an extremely good physical condition.  Cavers also have to be committed to conservational and ecological issues, as caves generally host a variety of ecological systems that should … Click to read the full article

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Travel Tips – Spanish Cuisine

Like most other Mediterranean countries, the Spanish love cooking with herbs and spices.  Food is regional in the country but there are some dishes that must be tried no matter where you are – paella being one of these.  Meat … Click to read the full article

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