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Take a Scuba Diving Vacation to Egypt this Winter!

Of all the extreme sports activities, scuba diving has to be one of my favorites; and as the weather starts to get gloomy and...
Atom Longboards

Atom Drop-Through Longboard Review

Longboards are a version of the traditional skateboard, looking more like a snowboard or a surfboard in design. They’re extremely popular for downhilling and...

A Brief History of Surfing

The rich global culture of surfing stems from various histories that have amalgamated themselves into one lifestyle that has become so much more to...
Smith Optics Goggles

Smith Phenom Goggle Review

The Smith Phenom Goggle by Smith Optics looks fantastic – and at the price ($110.00), you’d expect nothing less. Smith Optics is a front...

Georgia’s Triple Threat Ski Resorts; Bigger, Better and More Beautiful Than Ever

Skiing is one of the most incredible extreme sports on Earth. Not only is it a way to connect with nature but it also...

Extreme Sports Holidays in Thailand

Although when you think of Thailand, extreme sports may not be the first thing that comes to mind, there are surprisingly a lot of...
Airwalk Boards

Airwalk SWELL Body Board Review

Body boarding is so much fun if you’re not quite ready to tackle the complexities of surfing!  Some even take to body boarding as...

My First Ice Diving Experience

I have been diving for years!  My parents gave me a diving course for my 16th birthday and since then, it is all that...