Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Blue Cruzer Longboard Review


Santa Cruz LongboardsIn the world of skateboarding, there are as many variations and types of boards as there are individuals who use them.  One type of board that garners attention due to its unusual appearance is the longboard. Appearing to resemble a surfboard with wheels, the longboard is a completely different type of skateboard with its own types of events, tricks and riders. Santa Cruz longboards are a mainstay in skateboarding and are known for their creative designs and quality manufacturing process. In this review, the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Blue Cruzer will be examined to see if it can live up to Santa Cruz’s reputation.

Billed as an anytime, anywhere longboard, the Mahaka Blue Cruzer will catch the eyes of many who see it. Coming in just shy of $130, this board comes complete with 9-ply deck construction, kingpin trucks and a spray-on grip. At forty-four inches long, it finds itself smack in the middle of the longboard size category. Let’s get a better idea of the overall picture by examining some of the specifications of the item in question.


  • 9-ply deck with 65mm 78a wheels (Trans Blue Road Rider)
  • Bullet B150 Cutback reverse kingpin trucks
  • Abec-3 bearings
  • High-rebound performance cushions
  • Deck has surfboard-inspired pintail shape

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Pros and Cons of the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Blue Cruzer Longboard

The immediate impression when stepping on the longboard is that it is huge, in a good way.  You do not feel as if you are likely to fall off; with a 10” width at the widest part and 44” long, there is plenty of space for your feet to feel stable and relaxed. The spray-on grip is definitely appreciated when cruising down hills and slopes, as Santa Cruz longboards in general are built for speed on declines such as these. The deck is incredibly strong and stiff, providing a stable center of balance when attempting to grind.

There are some negatives to the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Blue Cruzer as well, unfortunately. The wheels seem too soft; made from 78a urethane, even for someone weighing 160 pounds, the board seems to crawl and drag along when not on a decline. The design of the board is also something to consider for those aesthetics-lovers out there. It looks rather bland compared to many Santa Cruz longboards that really stand out graphically. Nevertheless, some people out there will enjoy the design and enjoy the fact that it is doesn’t stand out as much.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

After careful consideration, this board can be put in the “adequate” category. If you need a big board that goes fast on downhill slopes, then this longboard is a steal for you. Outside of that, there isn’t much that sets it apart from any other longboard, whether that be performance or aesthetics, and there are even a few things that make it lackluster. The board is incredibly solid, however, and you can bet that if you do decide to buy it, it will stand the test of time. The Mahaka Blue Cruzer is neither the best nor worst board Santa Cruz has made and that about sums it up.