JT Sports Elite Headshield Mask Review


Anyone who has ever been paintballing will now that facial coverage is essential for safety, but often the back of the head and the crown area are left uncovered. A hit to an exposed area of your head will leave you with lumps and pumps reminiscent of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The JT Sports Elite Headshield Mask stops you growing egg shaped lumps on the back of the head by providing full coverage protection which is durable and comfortable. The rear occipital plate is fully adjustable to ensure that your head is cradled and protected from random paintball shots.


  • Full Coverage Design
  • Fog Resistant, Elite 180 Degree Lens
  • Interchangeable with other JT accessories
  • Conforms to ASTM & CE safety standards
  • Owner Manual, Chin Strap and Visor Included

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Pros and Cons of the JT Sports Elite Headshield Single Mask

The fact that the JT Sports Elite Headshield Mask comes complete with a full cover head shield means that you don’t have to worry about stray shots leaving you with a lump the size of an egg on the back of your head, or paint in your hair. You also have the option to take off the head cover and wear it only for facial protection if you wish. On top of all the design features it’s a nice looking mask which you can actually see out of without the mask continually fogging up. The price of this mask means that it is affordable and within the budget of most people who are into the sport.

On the downside if you have a larger than average sized head you might find that it is a bit on the tight side and a little uncomfortable. The way that the head cover attaches to the rest of the facial mask looks a little flimsy, as though it could break quite easily. If you find the full coverage mode too tight you can of course remove it and use it as a facial mask only, but then what would be the point of buying it for the coverage if you’re not going to use it to its full capacity?

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The JT Sports Elite Headshield Mask provides good basic coverage of the entire head, offering protection from any shots from paintball or airsoft guns, thus limiting any physical damage from a random shot to the head. Priced at just under $30, this is a basic item of kit that is not going to set you back a small fortune. The small, tight fit of this piece of equipment makes it a good choice for young adults just starting out and the styling of it makes it more likely that they will wear it without complaining. There is the option of removing the scull cover and wearing it only as a facial mask which, for the money you are paying is great value. This is one those pieces of kit that you can buy when you are starting out, when you have limited funds and can look to replace over time with a more high spec model.

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