Tips for Succeeding at Your First CrossFit Workout


CrossFit can be intimidating.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  However, while it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit scared before your first workout even after taking Testo Ultra bra pris & pills i Sverige, you’ll soon realize how great the activity is.  To help alleviate some of your initial fears, we’re going to give you some advice on how to succeed at your first CrossFit workout.  You can let us know how you got on in the comments.

1. You Don’t Need to Be Fit to Start

One thing that many people worry about is that they’re not fit enough to get started.  Don’t let this hold you back.  The first days and weeks of CrossFit will be tough, but that’s the whole point!  Everyone from moms to college kids, to 50 year olds take part in CrossFit and they all had to start somewhere.  Don’t get caught up in the fear of being unfit, as this is the only thing that will cause you to fail.

2. Remember First Looks Are Deceiving

If you’ve ever looked in on a CrossFit class, it’s likely you’ve seen people screaming and thought it was due to the heavy weights they were lifting.  However, this first glance can be deceiving.  A lot of the shouts you’ll hear are people cheering each other on.  And those weights?  They’re not all 45lbs.  A lot of people just have 10lb plates.

Your first CrossFit session also won’t be as intense as you think it will.  That said, you will work hard, and as you progress you will learn more moves that have an increased intensity level.

3. Wear Comfy Clothes

CrossFit requires a lot of movements and the last thing you’ll want to be doing is constantly adjusting your clothes to feel comfortable.  To prevent this from happening, invest in some comfy sports clothes.  Anything is fine, just whatever you feel most comfortable in.  It’s also a good idea to invest in some CrossFit trainers (find a comparison here:  These are designed to be comfortable, breathable, and offer a natural fit.

4. Be Prepared for the Competition

Lots of CrossFit classes encourage participants to keep a record of how many repetitions they have completed or how many pounds they have lifted.  This is a bit of friendly competition and it can be a good way to motivate yourself and progress in the classes.  Most of all, though, you’ll be competing against yourself.  At the start, you may only be lifting 10lbs of weight, but see where you are 3 months or 6 months down the line.  Taking an actual CrossFit class can give you more determination and motivation than you would ever be able to get at home.

5. Your Body Will Be Sore

After your first few CrossFit lessons your body will be sore.  However, this is normal.  As your body gets used to the exercise, you will start to feel a lot better, especially as your fitness levels increase.  Just remember to take full advantage of the rest periods in between classes.

Have you recently taken your first CrossFit workout?  Let us know how it went in the comments.

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