The World’s Most Extreme Golf Courses


“Golf is the most boring game I have ever played”. Does this sound familiar? I guess it does.

Golf might be boring to play, but after looking at these golf courses you will probably change your mind.  So, let’s dive into some of the world’s most extreme golf courses…

1. Cape Kidnappers, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Located in New Zealand, the course Cape Kidnappers covers over 7,200 yards. It was hailed as a “modern marvel” when it debuted in the year 2004.

So what’s so extreme about the course? Size?

No, it’s not the size, but the location that makes it extreme. The course rolls over a rough stretch of New Zealand’s North Island extending into Hawke’s Bay. It’s almost 450 feet above the Pacific.

According to CN Traveler: “Beyond golf, many oenophiles flock to Hawke’s Bay—it boasts a Bordeaux-ish climate, making it New Zealand’s Cab capital. After your round, take a tour of some dozens of vineyards within an easy drive of the clubhouse”. And, make sure to wear sunglasses before going to play to protect your eyes from the scorching sun.

2. Kabul Golf Club

I know, what you are thinking? Kabul, who goes to such a place, even if it’s for a vacation? I know Kabul is not most people’s idea of a fun holiday.  But if you are in any chance in Kabul, you must visit the Kabul Golf Club. It opened in the year 1967. Read more here for details about the course.

Golf365 says “Be prepared for an armed escort though. Bodyguards are on standby and there’s a decommissioned Soviet chopper ready to fly you out at the first sign of trouble”.

It sounds like an absolute treat.

3. Ice Golf Championships – Greenland

Can you imagine playing golf at minus 50 degree Celsius? No! Well, Greenland is one such place where you can experience this.

The Ice Golf Championships in Greenland were created in 1997 by a local resident, Arne Neimann. Because of the rough weather, many matches do get cancelled, though. You’ll also have to use coloured balls to track the ball on the white landscape. Also, according to 360golfholidays, “For many golfers in Europe, all inclusive golf holidays to Spain offer a welcome golf break.”

4. The Extreme 19th – South Africa

The Extreme 19th has the world’s longest par 3. It measures around 391 yards, and you can only access the tee only by taking a helicopter. It’s around 1,312 feet tall (and is known as the globe’s highest hole).

Want to put yourself to the test against golf’s greatest challenge? Then this place should be first on your list.

The writer of Golf Advisor says: “The helicopter rides each way is pretty short, yet still spectacular. The views of the African outback and grasslands that surround the resort extend for miles. Our pilot seemed to be an adrenaline junky. On the way down, he nose-dived off the cliff. My stomach dropped”.

5. Volcano View Golf Course – Indonesia

Wouldn’t it be amazing to play golf with a view of the Volcano? Yes!

Then you should definitely visit the Volcano View Golf Course in Indonesia. Just to note, the volcano in view is the most active volcano on earth. But don’t worry; the course is at a very safe distance from the volcano.

6. Road Trip Golf: Nullarbor Links, Australia

Road Trip Golf is one of the world’s longest courses. It’s an 18-hole, par 72 course that stretches for about 850 miles.

It’s located in Australia and is considered as one of the best, for an outback golf experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the world’s most extreme golf courses. While these are not recommended for all golf enthusiasts, if you want to face challenges and take your game to the next level, you should definitely visit one of the locations.