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Can Golf Be an Extreme Sport?

What do you love about golf the most? Is it the beautifully manicured greens, the deafening quietness that surrounds you as you take your...

Extreme Sports for Seniors: Pushing the Limits at Old Age

It’s a fact that as we age, certain physical activities need to be curtailed. Most of us in our 60s can’t do cartwheels and...

The World’s Most Extreme Golf Courses

“Golf is the most boring game I have ever played”. Does this sound familiar? I guess it does. Golf might be boring to play, but...

4 Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

If you are an avid golf lover, you will play in most weather conditions; whether it is raining, windy, chilly, or humid and hot....

How to Achieve an Extreme Golf Swing

There is no doubt that tee shots are one of the most exciting sights in a golf game. They are the first shots the...