Must-Have Gear for Golfing in Extreme Conditions


If you’ve only golfed locally, or if you’ve even traveled to a vacation destination like Pebble Beafcartch or the Augusta National Golf Course, you probably think of golf as a sport that’s green, easy, and breezy. However, golfing in extreme conditions is a whole other ballgame.

golfing in extreme conditions

You have your sand traps, water features, and weather hazards, but that’s about it. It’s clean strokes and great games any and every day of the week.

Golf doesn’t have to be like that. There are courses around the world that will challenge your game through weather, geography, and sheer weirdness. From a course on the grounds of a state prison in Louisiana to a course inside the crater of an inactive volcano, there are places where golfing will take you to extreme environments. And if you’re going to play in extreme conditions, you need the gear to match it.

Here are the five best golfing gear accessories to have for extreme golfing.

1. Waterproof Garment Bag

Having a great bag for your clubs is crucial. But don’t skimp on the bag that carries everything else — your clothes, club sleeves, suits, shoes, and every other travel essential.

That’s called a garment bag, and for extreme conditions, you want one that is durable and lightweight. If your course requires a bit of a hike to reach the 18th hole, you want something that will endure the conditions while also not being too heavy.

You can find suitable garment bags through suppliers like and be on your way to the next hole without worrying about your apparel.

2. Pullover Windbreaker

Some gear is suitable only for specific climates. An insulated snow jacket will be essential if you’re going to a wintry climate. On the other hand, a breathable, lightweight, long sleeve shirt is vital for keeping cool and protecting from harsh sun rays that can cause serious skin damage.

However, a windbreaker is a must in all climates. Whether you’re in the desert, in the tundra, or by the coast, punishing winds can whip up and take a toll on your game. Deflect them and focus on your stroke with a versatile pullover windbreaker.

3. Rain Pant with Cinchable Ankles

An estimated 36.9 million Americans played golf either on or off course in 2020. How many of them tried something new?

Golfing in the tropics is an adventure that not everyone has the privilege of enjoying, but it is worth it. You’ll feel like Indiana Jones going anywhere tropical.

However, the downside to the tropics is the torrential rain showers that can come on suddenly. Even if the forecast is sun, expect rain.

Rain pants are a lifesaver in these damp climates. When cloth pants and shorts get soaked, they take forever to dry, making you miserable in the process. Waterproof rain pants slick the water right off, and cinchable ankles keep that same water from dripping onto your leg and in your shoes.

4. All Purpose Golf Gloves

Many of the most stylish gloves for golfing on the market are leather. That’s not going to be so handy in the rain and snow.

Golf gloves made from synthetic material are generally more flexible, need less upkeep, last longer, and are typically rain and snowproof.

They may not have as snug or comfortable of a fit, but they’ll grip right onto your clubs, keeping your stroke straight-on every time.

5. Cart Curtains

You’d be surprised how many international golf courses don’t outfit their carts with clear, rainproof curtains.

They may be a pain to pack and lug around with you, but when you’re doing 15 mph uphill into a rainstorm going from hole 10 to 11, you’ll remember this advice and wish you had taken some with you.

Embrace Your Adventurous Side

Golf doesn’t have to be the sunny, leisurely sport for retirees — it can be challenging, exciting, and extreme.

But you have to be prepared. Outfit yourself with the right accessories to withstand the elements when golfing in extreme conditions, and put your game to the test.