The Top Hoverboards For Off-Road Use


Whether it’s as a hobby or an extreme sport, now is the perfect time to take up off-road hoverboarding. Back in 2016, Underwriter Laboratories created the UL 2272 hoverboard certification, which ensures high standards of safety and quality. Since then, many innovative and exciting off-road hoverboard designs have flooded the market. Unlike regular hoverboards suitable for only pavement use, off-road hoverboards are stronger, bigger, and more durable. They’re typically outfitted with 8.5-10-inch wheels and pneumatic tires able to handle rough terrain — which means you can enjoy an exciting ride experience virtually anywhere.

EpikGo Sports Edition

The EpikGo Sports Edition is one of the most sleek and stylish hoverboard models suitable for novices and experienced riders alike. This innovative model is capable of providing a smooth ride over all types of terrain, including gravel, dirt, and grass. It’s outfitted with high-tread tires which are designed to provide better steering response, minimal resistance, and improved grip while riding. Additionally, it has a smart gyro-scopic motor which continuously works to adjust to weight movements of the rider, therefore creating a smooth and more enjoyable riding experience. Powered by dual 400W motors, the EpikGo Sports Edition hoverboard can reach extreme speeds (roughly 13 mph) without compromising safety.

TPS All-Terrain Off-Road Rugged

The TPS All-Terrain is a truly impressive hoverboard. It comes with a rugged, oversized design and extra-flat tires able to navigate rough off-road conditions. It’s also designed with a clever self-balancing feature that ensures safety and stability while riding. The TPS All-Terrain also comes with a handy built-in Bluetooth feature, which enables you to wirelessly connect your mobile phone or tablet. You can therefore listen to your favorite tunes while you ride. The 350 watt motor and 8.50-inch vacuum tires ensure a powerful performance. However, it’s also a remarkably compact and lightweight product — you’ll be able to pick up and run with it easily if necessary.

XtremepowerUS 8.5-inch Off Road Hoverboard

The 8.5-inch off-road hoverboard by XtremepowerUS is a powerful model that gives you the ability to ride virtually anywhere. Large off-road, 8.5-inch threaded tires can ride smoothly over rough terrain like gravel, mud, and grass. It can even effortlessly handle uphill on slopes of up to 20 degrees. The hoverboard’s self-balancing mechanism and non-slip surface allows riders to perform tricks and moves without risk of slipping or falling. Moreover, it’s packed with a host of fun features designed to make the riding experience even more enjoyable. The LED lights mean you’ll be able to continue riding in dark or dim conditions, while the built-in Bluetooth feature means you can wirelessly connect your smartphone and play tunes while riding.

As off-road hoverboarding grows in popularity, you can look forward to seeing even more exciting designs hit the market. Currently, EpikGo, TPS, and XtremepowerUs offer some of the best off-road hoverboard models suitable for anyone looking to take up off-road hoverboarding either as an extreme sport or simply as a casual hobby.