8 Extreme Adventures To Enjoy in Antarctica


Extreme adventures are obviously for the free and fearless souls and not for the faint-hearted. According to the Adventure Tourism Market Study (ATMS), adventure tourism is rapidly expanding as a global niche. Over the past decade, expenditures on adventure tourism grew from $89 million to $263 million, with an impressive annual rate increase of 65% from 2009 to 2013.

You might be surprised to know that Antarctica is the ultimate tourist spot for many holidaymakers. But perhaps what even more exciting is to find out what all of those voyagers do in this unknown polar region. So, if you aren’t familiar with the most common extreme sports to enjoy on the frozen continent, this article is just for you. We have come up with eight add-on extreme adventure activities that will let you experience the beauty of Antarctica in its real sense.

8 Things Extreme Travelers Shouldn’t Miss While In Antarctica

1.     Snorkeling & Diving Under Ice

To dive in the chill waters of below 4 degree Celsius and explore the astonishing beauty of the White continent is an opportunity that no deep-sea diver would want to miss. Before you go for either polar snorkeling or polar diving, make sure that you have the right snorkeling gear, which normally includes an insulated swimsuit, snorkel mask with a tube, and self-contained underwater breathing apparatus in the case of deep scuba diving. Even if you are a polar specialist and have all the cold-water certifications, you should still have a sound knowledge of self-rescue. Don’t forget to enjoy this cold water treatment during your Antarctic excursion and witness the breathtaking subaquatic panoramic views. The vibrant colors of the coral reefs, swimming penguins, icebergs, and beautiful creatures creates a perfect underwater scene.

2.     Fly Over The Sheets Of Ice

Gone are the days when only research-based and military aircrafts were accepted in the Iceland of Antarctica. Given the unprecedented rise in tourism, a lot of travel companies have launched day trip flights. While many people want to join Antarctic cruises to explore the coastline, some are interested in catching a glimpse of the vast interior of the region from a bird’s eye view. These flying trips allow you to discover the southernmost continent from varied angles with plenty of fun and gratification.

3.     Plan A Sailing Journey

Sometimes the pleasure that we receive from doing extreme exports like dangerous boat travel cannot beat the luxury of a cruise trip that will cost you a handsome amount. An intense trip is incomplete without an Antarctic boat trip in cold waters. Just be extra careful because cruise ship accidents can happen. As opposed to commercial boats, sailboats are generally smaller sized vessels that allow passengers to experience the overwhelming beauty of the ocean. The best thing about sailboat travel is that you will get a closer look at the beautiful sea.

4.     Sign Up For A Glacier Climb

If you have a zero fear of heights, you must add climbing activities to your to-do list while in Antarctica. To enjoy the majestic views from the top of a mountain, you don’t need any experience and approvals. Most people do mountaineering and hiking with a team, which are generally led by guides. However, roping up on snow-covered mountains can be dangerous. This is why you must be physically fit for this demanding activity. We recommend you don’t take long pauses while you are in motion because temperatures are much lower at height but climbing quickly will help you to keep your body warmer.

5.     Classical Blue Ice Cave Tour

Guided ice caving in the white desert is another incredible land-based activity that you shouldn’t miss. The surprising revelations by scientists about the evidence for life in warm steamy caves beneath Antarctica’s ice is enough to make ice-caving more spectacular. The colossal natural glaciers and ice shelves are rife with splendid tunnels. These hidden lands are often illuminated with fairy-tale bluish light and provide a perfect take on the polar landscape.

6.     Participate In The Ice Marathon

Like running in winter? Register yourself for marathon running, as this is believed to be something without which your Antarctic trip is incomplete. On the eleventh month of every year, runners participate in the Antarctic Ice Marathon. This activity seems to be an easy one, but isn’t. You have to face strong winds and extreme temperatures to take part in this race. Marathoners need to be prepared for this competition at least a month before. A thirty-minute daily run on treadmills will not help to prepare you for the snowy Antarctica weather in November.

7.     Slip Into The Crystal Clear Waters With Kayaking

Polar cruise kayaking in Antarctica is thrilling beyond measure. Visualize jumping into the middle of the sea with your small kayaking team and witnessing the scenic wildlife. A kayak is a small watercraft, smaller than  sailboat, used to moving across the water. You’ll see giant icebergs, penguins, leopard seals, and whales. However, moving across the freezing waters is not as easy as when you buy essay online. It is advisable to pick a calm day for this extremely daring activity, as the sea can be rough during severe weather.

8.     Winter Tent Camping

Cold-air camping in Antarctica is quite fulfilling for adventurers. One of the biggest reasons to go for a camping trip is that you have to face fewer people and less insects because of the chilling temperatures. But, don’t forget the fact that you have to face a few dangers and challenges if you want to camp under the stars. You can’t spend your night in a regular sleeping bag in a local camp set up in Antarctica with sub-zero temperatures. Protecting yourself from such extreme weather is essential. For this, you’ll need proper clothing like snow boots, weather-resistant jackets, and parkas. To make your every moment memorable, you have to tune into a completely different atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Antarctica is a big thing for enthusiastic travelers. While there are many pros and cons of traveling in the cold, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.