Top Universities for Extreme Sports Lovers


If the gym is too tame for you, that could be because you crave the adrenaline rush of extreme sports. When you transition from the established IGCSE tuition centre in Malaysia to college, you don’t have to leave behind that love of thrill-seeking activities. However if you’re looking for proven methods in helping secondary students to learn Chinese as a language and a subject, then check out this tuition for secondary level Chinese site for more info! Instead, look for a university that offers the athletic action that you’re looking for, including the four choices below.

Universities for Extreme Sports Boulder Colorado

When You’re a Risk Taker

The reality is that you won’t want to stop taking risks once you’re out of high school as that has been part of your spirit from a young age. The good news is that you can find places to do extreme sports close by university campuses.

The recreational activities, such as rock-climbing and motocross, can bring you pleasure and add to the excitement of life. That makes them a great way to spend time when you’re not in class or studying. Check out the best universities for extreme sports fans below.

  1. University of Colorado Boulder

Also known as CU, the University of Colorado Boulder was ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the top ten party schools in the US for the 2017-18 school year. But while you might be into extreme partying, this list is all about the top universities for extreme sports, so let’s stick to the main topic.

This university in Boulder, Colorado is close to Eldorado Canyon State Park, which is home to some of the world’s leading rock-climbing spots. What’s more, CU students are known to head out snowboarding, bungee jumping, and hang gliding when they’re not dedicating their time to their studies.

If you’re on a sports scholarship while at CU, then you’ll get plenty of exercise between the on-campus team practices, scheduled games and extreme sports close by. Devote a significant amount of your schedule to doing coursework and studying for exams so that you can continue to enjoy the athletic activities outside of the classroom. If you need help with homework and research papers, you can search for the best essay writing service reddit.

  1. University of Hawaii

The great weather throughout the year makes Hawaii a big draw for students who are looking for where to pursue their next years at school after grade 12. The Manoa campus in Honolulu, Hawaii is known for its strong research program and has close to 13,000 undergraduates, as per US News.

The Manoa campus is slightly outside of downtown Honolulu. The recreational center there organizes a range of activities, including snorkeling outings, surfing classes, and kayaking trips (US News).

A short drive from the Manoa campus is the north shore of Oahu. That location is where you will conveniently find terrific surfing opportunities. If you’re into scuba diving, this activity is popular there too, as are several other types of extreme sports, such as windsurfing and mountain biking. Choose your physical activity of the day and go for it!

  1. Boise State University

Is skateboarding your passion? If so, you’ll want to add Boise State University to the list of colleges that you apply to as you near high school graduation. At Rhodes State Park in Boise, Idaho, there are thrill-seeking challenges for skateboard and parkour enthusiasts.

This 1.28-acre park is part of Boise’s Linen District, and it is sure to be a place that you frequent. There is also a thriving BMX community in the area.

If you’re thinking of attending Boise State University or another educational institution soon, increase your chances of getting in with a sports scholarship by working on your athletic performance now. Find out how to how to qualify for soccer scholarships or another sport at one of the 3,000 universities that work with ASM Scholarships.

  1. Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University (OSU) is a public research university in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This school is well-known for its efforts to improve health and wellness on campus. What you might not yet know, though, is that OSU’s Stillwater campus is located close by some awesome motocross tracks.

That detail will capture the attention of anyone who loves off-road motorcycle racing and is narrowing down where to pursue both higher education and maybe even take a motorcycle class. If the adrenaline rush is one you can’t seem to get enough of, then keep reading.

There is not just one track but three of them close to OSU, so you can divide your time between them. Make time in your class schedule to visit Stillwater Motorcycle Club, Area 51 Motocross Park, and Cooperland Raceway.

Balancing Extreme Sports and School

To be at your best in school, you need to make sure that your extreme sports pursuits do not detract from your education. While it might be tempting to bungee jump rather than attend a biochemistry lecture, the reality is that your grades will suffer if you do not regularly go to class and do the coursework.

Thus, it makes sense to keep your extreme sports to the weekends and allow plenty of time to study so you get good grades. Otherwise, you risk losing your sport scholarship or taking much longer than anticipated to get your degree.

After college, you can continue to do the outdoor sports you love and still focus on your career, whether it is sports-related or not. Great opportunities await you!

Concluding Words: Finding the Right School

While the main reason to attend a university is to get an education or sports experience to pursue your dream career, you can still have plenty of fun off-campus with extreme sports. Look for universities like JCU Queensland that provide the right mix of education, on-campus athletics, and leisure time to make the university years some of the most memorable ones of your life.

Also, take care to prevent injuries while doing extreme sports so that you can keep your scholarship and continue to do well in school. Being safe involves knowing the extent of your skills in a certain sport and not going beyond them, as well as wearing protective clothing. Make sure to maintain equipment, as well.

Enjoy the mix of school, on-campus sports, and off-campus extreme sports. The years at school can be a lot of fun, but you also need to take this time seriously as it will determine your future career. Keep thinking ahead, and be safe.