5 Extreme Adventure Sports to Try in 2021!


Extreme adventure sports are becoming more and more popular amongst people seeking an exciting break from the norm. Skydiving, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting are all classic extreme adventure sports enjoyed by millions of people. But there are some new and rising sports to try that can provide an adrenaline rush.

If you are ready for a new adventure, then try one of these extreme sports. You may find a great mental and physical release, while getting all of the health benefits of more traditional sports.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to skydive from an airplane while sitting in a kayak? Well, Skyaking allows you to fulfil the urge to paddle through the air before pulling a parachute ripcord. Skyaking may sound easy. It is not, however, as you jump out of an airplane inside the kayak and control the boat while going speeds of around 50 miles per hour. After deploying your parachute, you must guide the kayak down on a lake for a water landing.


Heli-skiing and snowboarding have been around for a while. However, only now is it becoming a more popular extreme adventure sport in which non-professional skiers and snowboards can actively do. A helicopter takes you to an untouched piece of mountain terrain to snowboard down fresh powder. Heli-snowboarding is banned in Europe due to its dangers. Riders can find plenty of helicopter adventure companies in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand that offer you the chance to go off trail for some extreme Heli-snowboarding.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is more extreme than it sounds and is quite a cool adventure sport that can take you to the beautiful hills of Gloucester, England. Held each year on Cooper’s Hill, cheese rolling has been a competitive sport since the 15th century. Participants must chase a rolling round of cheese down the hill and take control of it by tackling, grabbing, or spearing the dairy product. The speed and decline of the hill make cheese rolling a very dangerous activity with injuries a plenty.


Rock climbing is a massively popular sport with millions of people taking to the mountains each year. Bouldering is a type of mountain climbing that is still growing in popularity. The extreme adventure sport will make its Olympic debut in 2021 in Tokyo. What makes bouldering extreme? Climbers go to heights of 20ft or less without ropes or harnesses. Safety mats can be used to keep climbers from breaking their necks in case of a fall. The sport was made popular in North America thanks to indoor rock-climbing gyms.


Coasteering combines swimming, rock climbing, and navigation into one extreme adventure sport. Created on the coast of Wales, participants explore the seashore of rocky coastlines by both foot and water. You are not allowed to use a kayak or any other watercraft, and must swim the shoreline when not climbing the rocks.