Five Super Tips to Help Improve Your Batting In Cricket


Cricket is not one of those sports that turns heads in online betting in Colorado but still, it is a global sport that has millions of fans around the world. In cricket, training is very important because it creates muscle memory and consistency, which in turn leads to a great performance every time the player heads out on the field. Batting is one of the fundamentals of the game of cricket alongside bowling and catching. A batsman essentially scores the points for the team. Having a good batsman greatly improves the chances of a team winning, but becoming a great batsman takes work, repetition, and consistency. Luckily, there are some quick, inexpensive tips that you can follow to improve your batting. These basic tips go a long way in fixing, fine-tuning, and improving your mechanics, technique, and delivery.

 1.  Posture and Position

Posture is essential to a batsman, as it determines the angle at which you meet the ball, distributes your weight, and prepares you for running after the hit. A slight bend at the knees with legs spread shoulder length apart, letting your left side face the bowler, are all little things you can work on becoming second nature. These will go a long way in setting you up for a great bat.

 2.  Eyes on the Bowler

Whatever you do, keep your eyes on the bowler so that you can follow the bowl all the way to your bat. You cannot hit what you cannot see, and being able to judge the flight of the ball is very important. Bowlers also have tendencies, which you can pick up when you observe them for long enough.

3.  Master the Middle Wicket Rule

One of the first things you will learn as a batsman is that your bat should be in line with the middle wicket. In the same way that bowlers master throwing with their hand forming a straight line with their body, so too do you have to learn to meet that parallel with one of your own. This position is called a guard, and is your first step to successfully defending a wicket.

4.  Work on Your Swing

What good will a bat do you if you cannot swing it? This is the essence of batting. It starts with having correct posture and then visualizing your swing, meeting the ball. After that you need to work on mechanics like hand position, swinging straight down, and your hand-to-eye coordination. Being able to visualize your swing is just as important to your game and will go a long way in you making the actual hit. Practicing in front of a mirror with or without a bat is a great place to start. You can then follow up with actual hitting drills using a tennis ball. Then, when you’re better, you can use your own Custom Pickleball Paddles. Pickleball is growing in popularity, according to an Odyssey article about the paddleball sport.

5.  Reaction Time and Running

You might tell yourself the distance to run in cricket is not that long and is pretty basic, but in a game, your speed and reaction time are what will determine your success. Getting a quick start after hitting the ball makes all the difference in getting an inning, and that’s all on you as a batsman. Working on your cardio, reaction time and acceleration will be key to victory.