How to Choose the Best Triathlon GPS Watch


If you’re planning on completing in a triathlon, you may be looking to invest in a watch that can help you keep track of your progress across all parts of the triathlon and help you improve your performance. This is why this article highlights a number of triathlon specific features you need for your GPS watch. Each of the highlighted features is a real contender for that coveted title of triathlon specific product. This means that, no matter what it is that you need, there will be a model that suits you perfectly. Here are five features to look out for when choosing the best triathlon GPS watch.

Multisport Mode

One of the features you need to look out for when looking for the some of the best triathlon watches is whether or not the model has a multisport mode. This can be a great benefit for triathlons as you take part in a variety of competitive events. Multisport modes allow you to stay in the competition by keeping you active. You can still run, swim, or do aerobics while you are recording your progress on your watch, allowing you to get ready.

When it comes to the benefits of a multisport mode, there are quite a few. If you’re using your GPS for a lot of biking and racing, this can help you set a goal. When you have a goal, you can stay on target and you will be much less likely to quit. Many of us don’t have much experience doing multisport activities and we tend to quit. By having a goal that you have to meet, you’re less likely to quit.

Water Resistance Rating

The other thing that you should look for is the water-resistant feature. This is extremely important because water can be very harmful to your watch, and part of a triathlon is a swimming part. For this reason, look for the watches that have a feature called water resistant.

Metrics Tracker

There are certain triathlon GPS watches that offer a better and more efficient way to track your metrics. When it comes to triathlons, your metrics matter a lot since you’ll be using these statistics to monitor and improve your performance across several different kinds of sports. Here are just a few advanced measurements that you should watch out for when looking for a GPS watch:

Heart Rate Monitor: Another great feature to look for is the heart rate monitoring feature. This helps to keep track of how many calories you are burning, this can help you to plan your course, this can also give you the upper and lower body workout you need to do and this can help you stay motivated during your race.

Heart Rate Zones: This measurement feature should give you a breakdown of your heart zones and gives you a better chance of achieving your workout goals. Zones are broken down into recovery, endurance, aerobic, anaerobic threshold, and maximum aerobic training.

Vertical Oscillation: This is one of the measurements of running efficiently. It will show you how much you “bounce” as you go through your running motions. It can tell you how much distance you travel up and down based on the steps you make in centimeters. With less bounce, you should use lesser energy going up and down.

Battery Life

If you use your watch for more than just keeping track of your distances, make sure it has enough battery power to last through your triathlon events. Some watches can last up to an hour of continuous use, but if you have multiple events coming up, you may not be able to go that long between workouts. A triathlete’s average swim time is about 25 minutes, and you may need to run as fast or as slow as possible to finish your workout. Don’t let your watch die before you reach the finish line! A good, long lasting watch that can handle fast and hard running can save you a lot of money and frustration. Also, choose triathlon GPS watches with a low power consumption, which will mean it uses its battery more efficiently and should last longer than other options.


The best triathlon GPS watch is one that can help you stay focused on your goals, even in the middle of a triathlon, and help you achieve your best performance. It’s important to find the right watch for yourself and your specific needs, so it’s best that you read about them first.