6 Must-Have Golf Accessories for Everyone


If golf is one of your favorite pastimes, then you need the right set of accessories to put your game at its peak. There are dozens of gadgets available on the market to make your equipment function more efficiently. Also, make sure to look at the very best in competitive pricing from golfholidaysdirect.com/popular-golf-holidays/murcia-golf-holidays/ before you plan your next golfing holiday.

We have a list of some of the ones we think will be useful for even the seasoned gold players but do not forget to also buy golf practice mats to improve your green. 

  1. Golf GPS

A GPS might not be necessary for every player, and how much you will find it useful would depend on your course. For some people, it is a lifesaver on the course, especially when you are not entirely familiar with the landscape. For those who know the course inside out, a GPS might be an optional tool. 

The best golf GPS devices will show you the distance to greens, hazards and yardage needed to clear doglegs. They will help you identify the best club for each hit. These tracking devices could be bought as handheld GPS or GPS integrated watches. 

  1. Golf Gloves

Usually, golfers choose to prefer gloves on their lead hand that have the most effect on the swing and club. The right gloves will provide enhanced grip, and help to reduce calluses or blisters. 

A glove comes in most handy for protection from adverse weather and winter conditions, if it is raining or your hand gets sweaty. 

  1. Golf Umbrella Holder

Perhaps, an essential accessory for all golf enthusiasts is the golf cart umbrella holder. Of course, first, you have to invest in an umbrella that is sturdy enough to handle strong winds and heavy rain. When you have got that one covered, finding a holder is your next step. 

Go for adjustable holders that can be angled to block both sun and rain. Ensure that they can be mounted on your golf cart as well. Golfers buy their golf car parts and accessories at Golf Cart Garage.

  1. Cap or Visor

Having the right accessories to help with the visibility of a shot is a crucial factor for golfers. A cap or visor can help you significantly in allowing you to see the greens without the glare of sunlight on your face. 

Golf hats have to be easily adjustable, durable and if possible, moisture-resistant as well. Some also come with anti-glare as an additional feature to get you the best benefits of the accessory. 

  1. Golf Towels

You will not realize how a golf towel is unless you find yourself without one. It is always a great idea to bring them to the greens to dry off your golf ball and other equipment. 

Microfiber towels are preferred for the purpose, as they are specifically designed to be highly absorbent. They are also easier and take less space in your golf kit.  

  1. Biodegradable Golf Tees

A golf tee is an indispensable accessory for the green. Plastic tees, while durable, are also environmentally harmful. A biodegradable tee or a winter rubber tee might be more suited for a diverse range of surfaces. Instead of choosing a variety of sizes, you can opt for a micro wood tee that is adjustable. 

The options of golf accessories go far beyond this list, once you get what you need, you might want to visit  the Phoenix golf courses. You can easily fit all of them in your golf bag as well. These gadgets can help you fine-tune your game and make it much more enjoyable.