What Makes Military Tents A Good Shelter?


If you’re looking for a good, reliable shelter for your next outdoor adventure, consider getting a military tent. There are all sorts of tents on the market these days, but getting a military tent may be one of the best decisions you can make. For starters, military tents are incredibly durable and integral as shelters.

A military shelter system includes shelters used for various military applications, such as Dining Facilities (DFACs), communication facilities, or command centers. Military tents are great for these applications and are reasonably easy to set up and take down. This makes them an excellent option for people who need a quick and easy shelter solution.

Perhaps you’re looking for a tent that provides the best shelter possible. You should consider using a military tent and take advantage of these five great features.

They Are Very Durable

Military tents offer many advantages over other types of shelters. The tent fabric is sturdy, waterproof nylon that won’t tear even in harsh weather. The material is also treated with a flame-resistant coating to prevent it from igniting. They can withstand rain, snow, and wind, making them perfect for bad weather conditions.

The tent poles of military tents are anodized aluminum, which is rust-resistant and can withstand high winds. The stakes are of the same rust-resistant material and are treated with a coating that makes them waterproof.

This makes the military tent an excellent shelter for people looking for something durable to withstand bad weather conditions. Some military tents also come with several layers of fabric, a groundsheet, and a flysheet to increase durability. This helps protect the inside of the tent from rain and other environmental factors.

Additionally, most military tents come with reinforced anchor points that allow them to attach to the ground securely. These anchor points make them more durable than other tents not designed for extreme weather conditions.

They Can Last For A Lifetime

Because military tents are so durable, they can also last for a long time. Purchasing a military-spec tent can be a wise investment for anyone looking for long-term reliable shelter. They are built to last, with a lifespan exceeding at least ten years. It’s an investment you won’t have to replace soon.

They Are An Affordable Shelter Option

Military tents are an affordable shelter option that is less expensive than other types. You can often find them available at a discount in military surplus stores. This is because the materials used in military tents are lightweight and durable, so they don’t need to be excessively costly. It also means they can be manufactured in large batches without sacrificing quality or durability.

As a bonus, military tents usually have all the necessary poles, stakes, and guylines, giving you convenience and one less thing to worry about. Couple it with a durable sleeping bag to enjoy a good night’s rest outdoors. 

They Can Withstand Bad Weather Conditions

As mentioned throughout this post, military tents generally have a special waterproof layer to make them even more resistant to harsh weather conditions. This helps the tent to remain dry and secure during heavy downpours or snowstorms. The waterproof layer also ensures that the tent’s interior remains free from condensation and provides a comfortable environment.

Most military tents have a rainfly that provides additional protection against the elements. It usually sits over the top of the tent and is designed to prevent water from entering through any holes or gaps. You can also use tarps as an extra layer of protection if you need them.

The combination of waterproof fabric and rainfly or tarp will mean that you don’t have to worry about running out into the rain to cover up your tent if needed. Your shelter will be well-protected, freeing you to enjoy the outdoors without any worries.

They Are Easy To Set Up

As mentioned earlier, military tents are pretty easy to set up and take down, making them a convenient solution for people who need to move frequently or are on the go. To set up your military tent, follow these instructions:

  • Start by staking down the ends of the tent, either with the included pegs or with rocks or sandbags, to ensure it’s securely fastened. 
  • Next, you’ll want to locate your poles, either plastic or metal ones, depending on your tent type. Be sure to spread your poles as evenly as possible and use the resources provided with your tent for placement instructions.
  • After placing your poles in their designated spots, you’ll be able to start raising the walls of the tent and tightening it with stakes and sliders. As you assemble the tent, keep in mind that all the connections should be tight enough that there shouldn’t be any gap between them and the walls of your tent. 
  • Finally, attach any guylines (if available) to prevent strong winds from repositioning your tent around the campsite before securing everything with stakes.

With these simple steps, you’ll have successfully assembled a military-grade shelter that can withstand all weather elements.


A military tent is a great option when you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable shelter. These tents are fairly easy to set up and are relatively more affordable than other tent options. They can also withstand bad weather conditions and last for a long time, making them an excellent choice for anyone who needs reliable shelter.