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Toy Machine skateboard reviews

Toy Machine Monster Face Red Complete Skateboard Review

In 1993, Pro-Skateboarder and artist Ed Templeton decided he wanted to start his own skateboarding company, and after a debate between calling it either...

Top 5 Unusual Extreme Sports

There’s nothing quite like extreme sports. They offer endless amounts of drama which is great, but sometimes we want to see something a little...

5 Green Extreme Sports To Enjoy With Mother Nature

Extreme sports have become ever popular with many adrenaline junkies getting their heart pumping while staying fit. One of the major disadvantages of extreme...
Quiksilver Wetsuits

4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver Syncro Full Wetsuit Review

Quiksilver is a leading authority in the action sports industry; the company debuted over 40 years ago and has since grown into a world-wide...

Penny vs. Globe Bantam vs. Brighton Skateboards

Mini cruisers have been dominating the streets this year. They may look like the plastic skateboards that your grandparents used to ride in the...
Scuba diving movies

Scuba Diving Movies for Beginners – 5 of the Best

Whether you are new to diving or just thinking about getting started, movies are a great way for you to learn about the sport....

Five of the Best Climbing Helmets – Which is Best For You?

When you are hanging from the side of a cliff, you do not want to be in doubt about any of your gear.  Mountain...

Top 5 Best Rivers for Whitewater Rafting

There are the things we want to do, and there are the things we have to do. Hanging new wallpaper in my family room...