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Mongoose EL Ray BMX Bike (Chrome/Gold 20-Inch) Review

The Mongoose bike first went on sale in 1975 and in only twelve months became one of the biggest selling products on the market....

JT Sports Elite Headshield Mask Review

Anyone who has ever been paintballing will now that facial coverage is essential for safety, but often the back of the head and the...
Globe Retro Skateboards

Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board Review

If retro styling is your thing you will love the Glove Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board.  With a size and shape that harkens back...
BIC Surfboards

BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard Review

The BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard doesn’t have the name ‘Easy Rider’ for nothing; this board is as good as its name suggests.   It...
Kink BMX Bikes

Kink 2012 Gap 20.5 Inch BMX Bike Review

The Kink Bike Company is known for producing the whole package, from parts and frames to complete bikes and clothing too.  They also have...

Top 5 List of Seriously Extreme Sports

You may have read my previous list of top five extreme sports.  However, these were the sports that most people should be able to...

Extreme Sports to Try in the UK

Think of yourself as extreme? The UK is a great place to try out extreme and adventure sports with fantastic facilities for many activities....

Top 5 List of “Tame” Extreme Sports

We have talked about many different extreme sports on here and even subdivided them in categories (air, land, water and water).  But what exactly...