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Experience Storm Chasing in South Africa

To experience nature in all of its raw fury is an event in itself, but to experience this extreme weather in a country filled...
Airwalk Skateboards

Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard Review

Finding a skateboard that balances cost with performance is the number one concern of many skateboarders looking for the best buy.  Nobody wants to...

Extreme Sports Holidays in Switzerland

Switzerland is world renowned for its winter sport activities, in particular skiing and snowboarding.  The Alps offer numerous extreme sports opportunities and not just...

Head to France and Try Your Luck at Speed Riding

Speed riding, also known as speed flying, is one of the most recent winter extreme sports to emerge on the scene. The sport was...

India Travel Tips

I really enjoyed my trip to India, I saw some beautiful sights and the history of the country is amazing.  But there are a...

Russia Travel Tips

Russia is officially the largest country in the world, and as you can expect from a country its size, there are huge varieties.  Travelling...

Egypt Travel Tips

Egypt is one of the greatest places to visit in the world.  With the Pyramids, the Sphinxes and everything in between there is so...

Kenya Travel Tips

Kenya is a beautiful country to visit, the scenery is breath taking and the people are really, really friendly.  With so much to do...