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China Travel Tips

China is a fascinating country, and if you choose to visit there you are sure to have a wonderful time.  However there are a...

Travel Tips – Swiss Cuisine

The first time I ever had duck pan-fried and served rare was on a trip to Switzerland.  It was cooked at the side of...

Travel Tips – Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is made up of some fantastically rich flavours.  A wide variety of herbs and spices are used in most dishes, and the...

Travel Tips – Spanish Cuisine

Like most other Mediterranean countries, the Spanish love cooking with herbs and spices.  Food is regional in the country but there are some dishes...

Travel Tips – Italian Cuisine

Italy only became a unified country in the nineteenth century, so, like so many other parts of Europe, each region has its own traditional...

Travel Tips – French Cuisine

France has something of a reputation to live up to when it comes to food, and it is renowned throughout the world!  It is...

Has Sandboarding Become the Desert’s Coolest Sport?

The new craze of sandboarding has caused many extreme sports lovers to take a second glance at what can and cannot be done with...
Womens mountain bikes

Diamondback Lustre One Women’s Mountain Bike Review

When it comes to two-wheeled excursions – particularly mountain biking – nothing is more important than the quality of a rider's bike as well...